Please I need pictures of legacy bags

  1. I am new here and I am trying to see which one of the legacy bags I like better. I did go to the store and they did not have the mandy. I would love to see pics of the mandy, satchel and shoulder legacy on someone's shoulder if possible and also opinions. I did hold the satchel and loved it but I am not sure if it will be too heavy as well as the Mandy. I did have past back problems and also a shoulder injury which might influence my decision in the long run.

    Thanks, Jan
  2. Jan, I don't have any readily available pics, but I have the legacy shoulder bag in whiskey and I it fits nicely under my arm. I like that it has wide straps, which makes it stay on my shoulder. I also have back problems and the shoulder bag has never given me problems. To me the satchel seems a little big for every day use.

    Good luck in your choice.
  3. I'd also love to see some pictures I'm worried about paying alot for the legacy shoulder bag being to small and the mandy being to big. : )
    I'm heavier so I wan the bag to fit, ya know? lol.
    thanks girls
  4. If you're worried about weight, I'd go with the shoulder. The satchel is definitely not a shoulder bag if you ask me. It's quite heavy once you actually put your own goodies in it. My arm gets a bit tired after a day of lugging it around. I grab my whiskey shoulder bag for everyday use. It's fantastic and really much more roomy than you'd think! I wish I had a photo of myself wearing it, but I don't. I know some others do though! Good luck with your decision.
  5. Thanks Chuggie and I did try on the shoulder today and the satchel. I love the look of the satchel and the shoulder was nice also but the satchel had more character although they are both beautiful bags. They did not have the mandy available to see any color. Sometimes it helps to see it on someone else too. Thank you for your reply.
  6. i just recently sold my satchel. didn't fit over my shoulder and didn't like the hardware.

    however, i LOVE the shoulder bag. i'm a bigger girl and it fits great under my arm (not snugly at all). and it's deceptively roomy (i have a wallet, pill case, ipod, pencil case, keys/mini skinny, brush, mints and gum...with some room to spare).
  7. Here is a pic of my Mandy Signature Courier. It fits great on my shoulder and it's a little big, but I carry lots of stuff! Hope this helps.
    Picture 110.jpg
  8. I have the smaller legacy, not the one with pockets in front so it would be too small for you.
  9. My neice wuth my Whiskey Shoulder Bag

  10. Thank you for all the pictures and opinions. All the bags are beautiful and too many choices. I think almost 100% I am going to get the shoulder due to my inability to carry a heavier bag and I do not need much room like I use to but just adore the legacy line.

    Kallison your neice is beautiful and future coach model!

    Did anyone see the new legacy tote in the spring catalog? The customer service rep told me it will be in all colors including pond but the whiskey will be limited. It also has an eight inch drop.
  11. Here are some pictures with it on my shoulder. I have a big bulky sweatshirt on and it still fits on my shoulder with plenty of room to spare. It has a nice wide shoulder strap that stays put. I love it. It's the perfect size and fits great on the shoulder! Hope this helps!
    DSC04478.JPG DSC04480.JPG DSC04481.JPG DSC04485.JPG DSC04487.JPG
  12. Thank you Ashley and it certainly is a perfect bag. It is so hard to judge on yourself in the store with a hundred bags staring at you. I love it! It looks so perfect on you too! Thanks for taking the time and enjoy your treasure! BTW I love your flower charm!
  13. Thanks! I went back to school today (1st day back since dec. 22...I'm a teacher) and everyone loved it and complimented me. They all wanted to smell it and look in the inside. It was so funny. I have a purse hanger for when I am at a restaurant and you don't want to put your purse on the ground, you can hang it from this hanger...everyone got a kick out of that too. They all had to try it with their bags. I think I got the other teachers wanting more Coach! :yahoo::nuts::yes::graucho:
  14. Hi. Can you please tell me where you got the purse hanger? I think that's a great idea!!!

  15. Yes I would love to know when you got the hanger also. I also saw someone had a tote to put inside their bag to keep the lining clean. I just started to buy coach and just turned 50 and thought it was about time to get something nice instead of a floor bag...LOL I have been going a little overboard with the bags in the past two weeks. I also discovered the outlet store which is nice for accessories and of course some purses.

    I admire you and your work you do for our children.