Please, i need opinions! light colored Chanel too risky?

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  1. Hi ladies! I have prebought (hasnt been rung up yet) at NM's sale, the most gorgeous little Chanel bag i have ever seen, bone colored fabric that looks like texture-like linen but a bit heavier. It has a 3 dimensional patent leather camellia on the front of it with the CC's and a no. 5 on each side of the flower. It is TDF and reduced to under $1,000 (pretty sad state of affairs when under $1,000 is considered "good" for a purse purchase! :rolleyes: ) its from the 2006 cruise line and i have never seen a Chanel like it. But, will my heart break when she gets dirty and/or if the camellia gets icky looking if my arm rubs against it when the bag is carried on the shoulder and the arm interferes with the flower? Should i get the blue jean Chanel instead? Would love opinions from anyone who has had a pricey light colored bag...............thanks so much! i know i will get the answer from your guidance...........
  2. In my opinion, yes, a linen or fabric light colored bag can/will look grungy if you plan on carrying it often.
  3. Fabric is dangerous. It's bound to catch dirt.
  4. its going to be a VERY high maintenence bag... i stay away from light fabric anything because try as i might, they still get dirty/ too well worn after a while, no matter how careful you are with it! =(
  5. It is a cute bag. However, you will have to be very careful with it. My friend bought it and then returned it because it started getting dirty fast and the flower got loose. Personally, I would not get it even for the good price. (Maybe wait to see if it goes down to 1/2 off)