Please! I need help! Is this over the top?

  1. I'm attending a funeral tomorrow. I'm thinking about what to wear. I think I decided on a black Chanel belted dress with raw fringed edges, but I need help with the handbag. Do you think a 35 cm croc birkin is too over the top for a funeral? Are croc bag in general just inappropriate for funerals?

    The funeral is in the early afternoon. The decedent was the managing partner of a large international law firm. Most of those attending are in the legal profession. DH and I will probably run into several of our colleagues, ex-colleagues, ex-bosses, etc.

    First outfit:
    Chanel dress
    35 cm cocaon croc birkin
    Louboutin heels

    Second outfit:
    Same Chanel dress
    Chanel croc handbag (the color is very similar to ficelle IRL)
    Louboutin suede heels

    Alternatively, should I just forgo the croc bags altogether and just bring a simple black Chanel bag? What do you think?
    P1000663.1.JPG P1000666.1.JPG
  2. I think a small and simple bag is best here, perhaps the black Chanel and the closed-toe pump.
  3. Yes any simple Chanel bag and the closed-toe pump. Croc H may attract too much attention....:nogood:
  4. I would go for a black bag : chanel or croc...but black :yes: !
    And of course closed-toe pump.
  5. Thanks handybags, LuvBirkin & fromparis! Looks like the croc bags are not very popular for this occasion. That's what DH thinks too. I live in my own world sometimes and don't see anything wrong with toting a croc birkin to any venue. But that's why I need the more rational opinion of my friends on tPF.
  6. Smurfet - IMO it's not so much that it's croc but that it's big.

    Always best to err on the conservative side for these things.

    I'm sure you will look very lovely but appropriate :flowers:
  7. A black bag (smallish) and black covered heels.
  8. ^ Handybags- I think you're right- a 35 may be a bit "tote-ish" for a funeral.
  9. Bring a small Chanel handbag. A Birkin is inappropriate for a funeral IMO.
    And no peep toes!
  10. :nuts:This is what your body's like after childbirth! I was a buffalo the months after! Very clearly you have the skinny genes!

    I'd bring a smallish black bag to a funeral. A clutch even. JMHO.
  11. I feel that the CL's would be a bit over the top, too. Even if they were closed-toe ones.
  12. I don't think the CL's are over the top but may I just ask if you live in a country where it's not winter right now?
    I personally would probably opt for a funeral for a skirt that goes over the knee but that's just my personal preferences.
  13. smurfet, I love the dress, I would opt for the closed toe CL & a discreet bag.....
  14. I don't see a problem with the croc Birkin- it's a stunning bag and I don't think it's inappropriate or disrespectful to wear to a funeral. If it were bright croc it'd be a totally different story. Then again a plain black Chanel would suit the task as well.

    I also much prefer the closed-toe shoes as well.
  15. Oh wow, I just read about this recently because I was in the same situation recently.

    In general, here's (Tim Gunn, maybe?) a few guidelines
    * A simple, chic outfit. Dark is best.
    * Conservative shoes.
    * No jewelry except for wedding set
    * Toned down hair
    * Simple bag, even clutch. Shade was not specified.

    Myself, I ended up with a long black shift dress and jacket, beige suede shoes and a small beige patent bag. I was wholly unremarkable but very pulled together, and I was comfortable. Good luck with whatever you with, and I am sorry for your loss.