Please! Honest thoughts on this Prada Glace Clutch!!!

  1. [​IMG]

    Sorry the photo's are so horrible!!
  2. hmm..i like it better when its opened than when its closed. looks a lil plain when closed.
  3. [​IMG]

    I like these ones a lot better.
    I think the one above looks a little off, but I was hoping maybe someone here had seen one in person and could lend some input :smile:
  4. sorry, i'm not a fan...

    edit: i like the second one in the second pic you posted. is it croc? :drool:
  5. i like it a lot! the colour matches with a lot of clothing and the leather seems to be very soft! i would keep it!!!:heart:

    may i ask the price?
  6. I saw it at NM this weekend. Much prettier in person. ;)
  7. oh thank you ladies!!!!
    I was thinking it would look much nicer in person!
  8. I saw this at Saks the other day. The leather had a lot scratches on it, like it would distress very easily. I also saw the top one in the picture of three. I really liked that one a a lot and it did not scratch as easily.
  9. Looks a little washed out to me.

  10. I think it retails for around 1,000.

    RoseMary, I AGREE the croc is sooooooooooooo nice. Amazing.
  11. I think those finishes in person are amazing -- very subtle, very rich. And it's a good transition season bag.
  12. I love the first 2 in the second picture you posted! They're gorgeous! I agree that the one in your original post is a little too plain/washed out-- let us know if you get any of the clutches!
  13. i love the 1st one winona77 posted. perfect!

  14. I agree, I like those a lot better as well.
  15. I've seen them all in person and the patent is gorgeous. The glace is kinda boring, but feels amazing.