Please hold good thoughts - I am hoping to adopt again.

  1. So glad the little guy is coming around...........he may find that he likes being around a bunch of cats after all!
  2. Lookit him, all snoodled up and sleepy on the radiator cushion.....
    I am so glad I adopted him.

  3. Yay for Figgy! I guess your crew has convinced him that you do not eat kitties for dinner, but actully fix some pretty tasty grub for them.

    I would try to convince myself that Figgy's former person was trying to do the best thing for Figgy. At 17, a move to another country could have been pretty dangerous for the old man, even if it was just temporary. Some people would have just put him down instead of trying to find him a new home. Not many people would be willing to take in a senior cat.

    We need more pictures please, even if it is just Figgy Nose toasting his buns on the radiator.
  4. I just LOVE a happy "I told you so". :p He must be a smart old guy. It didn't take him any time at all to figure out he just hit the jackpot with his new family.
  5. So happy for Figgy! I'm a complete sucker for kittens (I spend half the day on IBKC lol), but the the old men and grey ladies have a special place in my heart--in your tribe I quickly fell for Clarins and I felt a pang when he passed over the Bridge. But he sent you another growly, grumpy old guy to show the young ones how to be proper cats! This makes my heart smile :heart:
  6. ^^^ Yes, I am also pretty sure Clarins sent him my way.....Here's Figgy, covered in 'nip and sleeping off the effects......

  7. LOL. What a sweet boy! I love when they are covered in catnip. Too funny.
  8. :heart:

    We call nip puddy dope around here.

    ::::::::::cue Adele "Rolling in the Dope" .......Deep:::::::::::
  9. I'm so happy to read about his progress, which is quick, if you think about the huge change in his life. We've adopted dogs who were abused and/or abandoned and the fact that most of the cats and dogs can ever love or trust a human again tells me they have more ability to forgive than humans do. Really, I cry when I think of our dogs being left in an empty apartment, in a junk car, etc. Some are forever stuck to our sides, not wanting to lose sight of us, and I understand that.

    Continued best wishes to your kitteh family, clevercat, and you are indeed clever!
  10. So glad to hear Figgy is settling in. He has earned the right to be grumpy gus at 17 old man years and I'm sure he knows it. No doubt he will keep the other kids in line!
  11. Hah! Never too old to party . . . enjoy your rest, Signore Figaro :smile:
  12. So it's official - I have fallen in :cloud9::love::heart::love::cloud9: with Mr figgy-Nose.
    This morning, I had to clean his eye (he has a mild infection) and he was rolling around on his back, paws waving....le sigh....He isn't at the purry happy stage yet, but I think he is growing more content by the day.

    A day in the life of.....
    0100 Wake Mum up, wailing like a banshee
    0110 Sleep
    0215 - 0600 - repeat as above (although this is getting better as each evening passes)
    0600 Breakfast - hurrah! Figgy loves his food - I was told he had a sensitive tummy, but he is ignoring vet food in favour of teh gushy stinky Felix food
    0615 - 1300 sleep and birdwatching on the radiator cushion
    1300 - snack time, hurrah!
    1310 - 1800 nap time
    1800 - dinner time - hurrah!
    1815 - bedtime - nap next to my new person, ignore all the other cats......

    Time for another picture....I know it's just a variation of Figgy sleepin' on teh cushion, but he doesn't do anything else!

  13. Such a sweet little face. He is getting there. Slowly but he is making progress. Keep up the good work Figgy.
  14. Well really why would he want to sleep anywhere other than a warm comfy place? Our old man can often be found sitting on top of a heater vent, and the other two have found a place in a doorway that gets some strange source of heat and they try to squish themselves in there together to suck up as much heat as they can. Then of course there is always laying on a human body to be warm as well.
  15. what a sweet boy! again, clever, you are amazing.