Please hold good thoughts - I am hoping to adopt again.

  1. What a sweet old guy. My cats love to lay on the window sills above the radiators. Having him sit with you so quickly is amazing progress. I had no doubt you would work your magic on this one. He will be part of the family in no time.
  2. Hello Figgy!

    All your aunties love you too! :kiss:
  3. Awww Figgy what a handsome guy you are!!!
  4. Woo hoo, I got some sleep! He only woke me up once. So I left him on the radiator cushion last night, with his pen door open....everyone else trooped into the bedroom with me anyway, so I wasn't too worried about a mass brawl breaking out. This morning he was asleep in the pen and back to being a growly, hissy boy - but it's the first time he has eaten since he got here so I'm taking that as a good sign.
    He's making a list of the other cats as he meets them
    Philip - tolerable, smells nice (he had a good long sniff of Phillip last night before teling him to clear off and leave him alone)
    Gerbil - not sure yet, but think I could beat him in a fight.
    Tommy - a bit of a threat (seriously. He's scared of my gentle, tiny little blond scrap)
    Maia-Annabel - speechless. What IS she?
    Murphy - my deadly enemy. Hopefully, these two will stay a distance from each other as last night, Murph made it very clear to the new boy that he is in charge (as if) and the new boy told him one step closer and he'd flatten him.
    He has shown no interest in meeting Bear or Norton and they are ignoring him.
    More photos later - though I have a feeling they will all be variations of Figgy sitting on the cushion over the radiator. He's back in position now like someone has glued him there......
  5. Oh the poor little old man. His whole world must seem so uncertain to him after the people he spent his entire life with are no longer a part of his world. I know he is in the best possible place a cat in his situation could be in, but my heart just aches for him. Please give him some extra hugs and chin scritches for me:hugs:
    I am so glad you were able to get some all deserved sleep! :smile:
  6. :devil: post averted
  7. I just gave him some Aunty poopsie scritchies - thank you! :smile: I think, considering his heart must be broken, that he is doing amazingly well. Poor little man. I am finding it hard not to judge his owner for giving him up at this late stage in his life. I know I would do anything and everything to keep my cats with me - even when I was out of work a couple of years ago and it looked for a long time that I would lose my home, I had a back-up plan (one that was far from ideal for me, but the cats would've been safe and happy) that meant I would keep my cats. They're family.
    Remember the 'nip you gave them for Christmas? Figgy loves it! I've been sprinkling it everywhere he sits and he's been rolling around and creating slimy slug trails with it....
    He can take as much time as he needs, hopefully he will come to love it here and he'll be happy again.
    I'm going to buy him some treats and toys this afternon, and cooking some fish (ugh, the smell, I can't bear it) for his dinner - anything I can think of to help him relax.
  8. BBB said the Monsters were responsible....bwah ha ha!
  9. Oh I am so glad that the 'nip is working! Mine do the sme thing......roll around in it until they are covered and the jump on the bed or furniture. But they enjoy it so I don't have the heart to yell at them........
    You are much kinder than I cold be about not judging the people who would give up their companion of 17 years. Sending him lots of love and good vibes

    Time for lights out here...:sleepy:
  10. I just realized that the BBB is the only girl kitty in the bunch :nuts:
  11. Aunty poopsie, ssshhhhhh! Ah am not havin' mah mama gettin' any stoopy ideas about 'doptin' another GIRL!

  12. :giggles:
  13. Clever he is mighty handsome - glad to hear he's found a little nook of his own
  14. Glad to hear he is venturing out a little bit even if he still hates everyone. I still can't believe his people gave him up - did they at least cry when they left? I try not to judge but moving overseas is not really a good enough reason for me to give up an animal.
  15. You know, I have heard so many excuses (lies) from people when they hand their pets over for rehoming....I wasn't there when Figaro was picked up, but the dates the owner was leaving, I believe they changed a lot - at one stage the day I adopted him was the day owner was supposed to be leaving - yet I had offered him a home the week before - owner failed to return the initial call and the last I heard, owner wasn't emigrating but rather going abroad for a year or so. I don't know. I wonder if this was less about moving and more about Figgy getting old, getting grumpy and being very vocal.....
    Ever since we rehomed a tiny black and white kitten to a woman who bought him back a fortnight later and asked to exchange him for a ginger one, like he was a pair of shoes and she'd changed her mind about colour.......I've kind of given up on people.
    Anyway, good, good news from Mr Figgy-Nose! And time for everyone here to say 'I told you so' :biggrin: :biggrin::biggrin: He has decided he likes it here and he's going to stay. He and Phillip are making friends of each other, and the spitting has stopped, to be replaced by growls (a paw in the right direction, I think). I went out yesterday afternoon/evening and left Figlet on the radiator cushion, spent a lot of time worrying about that decision and if I would be coming home to a bloodbath - when I came home he was in the kitchen waiting for dinner to be served....with the rest of the family! He's already snuck in and grabbed a piece of my heart :love: I love him......
    Photos, a little later, of the little ol' man and his new catnip mousie.....