Please hold good thoughts - I am hoping to adopt again.

  1. Maia-Annabel's new Granddad is about three hours away! The pen is up, the bed is made...and I have just struggled back from the vet carrying what felt like half a ton of food for delicate tummies! Excited!
  2. Down to 2 hours now! WHoooo Hooooo! So excited.

  3. :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:
  4. Its 8 pm in UK! Why is he coming home soooo late? We are all waiting!:girlwhack:
  5. Still waiting.....he is arriving late because his (ex) owners couldn't do any other time.
    Another half hour or so - he should be almost halfway home around now.....
  6. Figgy :dothewave:

    Figgy :dothewave:

    Figgy :dothewave:

    Are you there yet?

    wow..all those little guys are a bit weird aren't they?
  7. :popcorn:
  8. Still waiting....nervously.
  9. They're in traffic and going to be another hour or so....
  10. :couch::popcorn:
  11. :sweatdrop::wlae::whistle::popcorn::snack:
  12. Charge the batteries...

    Warm up the cheeze and bagels...

    Call the police and let them know Figgy needs an executive motorcade escort. :police:
  13. :dots:
  14. traffic schmaffic ! :pout:
  15. He's here and he is not happy....he is probably terrified but I am worried - he has been a screeching spitting fiend to the rest of the family when they wandered up to the pen for a meet and greet. So - he is in a kitten pen, still in his case (door open) and I have put a blanket over the pen to hopefully calm him. Have also sprayed feliway liberally.... I wish there was a hoomin equivalent as right now I am very stressed indeed. Reassurance please!