please hlep : which stam do you prefer, patent or mat,large or small?

  1. i am gonna to buy a MJ stam,but the stams in 06 fall are all mat finish,not patent. which one do you recommend ,patent or mat???:s
  2. I think it's all really personal preference. Personally, I purchased a Fall 06 regular Stam and also the little Stam - both were "mat" leather and I liked them...but I returned both (really long story).
  3. i have the large stam in matte black... its great coz i can use it day and night... i think the patent ones are nice too but i prefer matte
  4. Like others said, it really depends on each person's preference. Regular Stams are more popular than Little Stams. Color-wise, Black goes with everything. =)

    Patent Stams (regular size only; in Chalk, Blush, and Cola) were only made in Spring 06.
  5. Archipelago's Stam is not Patent, her Elise is. =)
  6. i think i prefer the matte. i have a fall 05 stam in taupe icey leather and LOVE that leather so much i got a black mulitpocket too. patents nice, but i think the matte looks better on this bag. i do like the patent on the bowlers and elise though :smile:
  7. Hm....I like blush patent but I think I like matte more in general.
  8. I love MJ's patent leather, but in the stam I prefer it in matte and large. I wish there was a black patent stam though. :graucho:
  9. J3M, Fall 05 Stams (lined with suede) are the best!!!! =)