Please hlep~ my first Hermes


May 23, 2007
Hi, I purchased the very first Hermes caves tote from two weeks ago. I planned to gift it out to someone very important who loves Hermes a lot.
The tote came and was absolutely beautiful.
I am not familiar with Hermes so I am looking for advises from experts like you here.:crybaby:
My questions is the bag has no price tag nor paper works inside. It only has the dust bag and Bluefly security tag. Is it normal? What should a brand new Hermes bag come with?
The bag from bluefly should be authentic but I do not wish to get a bag which was a returned item and was missing paper works.
That will just embarrass me if the recipient is thinking where did I get the bag and is it even real???:confused1:
Please help! Thanks.


Purple Love
Oct 25, 2006
I never bought a bag directly from a boutique but none of the other items that I bought from H (scarves, china, agenda etc) came with anything other that a box and a receipt, i.e. no authenticity cards, tags, or anything.
Oct 12, 2006
I have only one H bag at the present time and I bought it from the Atlanta H boutique. It had no paperwork whatsoever with it. There was only the H envelope with invoice inserted. Of course it had the sleeper bag but no authenticity cards or that sort of thing.