Please help…my dog just bit my neighbor

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  1. This is not what I need this week. I just put down my 12 year old Golden retriever on Monday. :sad:

    Quick backstory: We have a fenced yard. The side that divides my house from my neighbors is lower and you can see through it. My neighbor (Bob) is always teasing my dog. Walter (dog) always growls and barks but can't get to Bob b/c of the fence. The type of teasing on Bob's part scares Walter. He'll pretend to lurch forward and Walter runs away.

    Today I took Walter for a walk. Bob was also out walking and started to approach me. As he got closer Walter growled. Bob still continued walking forward and walter jumped up and bit his arm. Hard enough to break skin.

    Walter has never bit anyone before. I'm so shocked. He's been in lots of situations where he's been startled by the kids (like them jumping on his back) and he's never done anything.

    I just can't believe this happened. My neighbor isn't mad, thank God but I just feel awful. Add that to the crappy feeling I already had this week b/c I put my other dog down.

    Any advice has to how to handle this?? Should I be worried I have an aggressive dog?? FTR he's a golden doodle.

    I have a call into my vet and I'm waiting to hear back.
  2. I'm hoping that Walter is up on all his shots, etc. But I would take him into the vet for a check up just to ensure he isn't dealing with an illness that you don't know about yet.

    I'd also have a chat with Bob the neighbor. He should not be antagonizing your dog. Tell him to stop.
  3. Your neighbour is an asshat. People like that make me so mad.
    I wonder if poor Walter is stressed after losing a companion?
    Agree with everything Lori posted. I am so sorry for your loss.
  4. The neighbor's teasing probably caused Walter to see him as a threat. I'd talk to the neighbor nicely and ask him to stop. Did the neighbor go to the doctor?
    Our cat bit my DH and the bit got infected. The people are UCC reported it to animal control.
    Hopefully this won't happen to you.
    If Walter has never been aggressive before, then hopefully your only problem will be to convince dopey Bob to leave him alone.
    Sorry for your loss.
  5. Walter was protecting you against danger. He could probably sense that you were not happy about Bob's approach and given the fact that Bob provokes Walter, I'm not surprised this happened. Don't appologise to Bob, just make sure he has seen a doctor and the wound is ok.

    Next time Walter growls, tell the person approaching to stay back or you move out of their way.

    If Bob continues to annoy Walter you need to take action and call your local council and get a complaint in writing so if there is a next time you have history. Also, keep a diary of the times and what Bob is doing to Walter. This behavious is unacceptable. Maybe build a better fence so Walter cannot see Bob at all.
  6. What a jerk of a neighbor. No one with a brain teases an animal. I agree with having your dog checked at the vet just in case there might be something causing your dog pain or impulsive reactions. That happened with one of our dogs. As her kidneys began failing she bit our son. Since we already knew she was sick, we elected to stop her suffering. But I think your dog was just pushed too much by the idiot neighbor. When you walk your dog try to keep them as far apart as possible.

    So sorry this happened along with losing your other dog this week. ((hugs))
  7. Your neighbor is an idiot and your dog is likely scared of him. Not surprised at all that Walter bit him, especially since Bob completely ignored the warning signs. I would ask Bob to stop antagonizing Walter, or try to build a taller fence if that is an option. It's not fair for Walter to be tormented in a place that should be a safety zone for him.
  8. It dawned on me that this is very similar to bullying in school. The neighbor, protected by the fence, bullies your dog by antagonizing it. Big brave man. The dog may be scared or just so unsure of what he's going to do that he does what a dog does to protect itself and you--it bites. Not the dog's fault, IMO.
  9. Your neighbor deserved to be bit. Tell him to stop teasing your dog. Tell him to not approach your dog while you are walking him if your dog starts growling at him. You still want to have complete control of your dog too. Train him to sit and stay quietly at your command. Your dog has to trust that you are in charge and won't allow anything to happen to him. Your dog has to trust that you will take him out of harms way and that might mean crossing the street to get away from your neighbor if he insists on approaching your dog with no regard to how uncomfortable he is making your dog feel. Your dog acted normally. Your neighbor is a jerk of the highest magnitude.
  10. Agree 100%. What an idiot!

  11. I agree the neighbor is an idiot. Any grown man who gets fun out of teasing an animal is mentally deficient.
    But I'd tread lightly with him right now. I agree he should be told to stop tormenting the dog but I'd tell him carefully.
    I wouldn't want to see him making a complaint to animal control out of spite.
    When our own cat bit my DH and UCC reported it to animal control, they follow up with a phone call and paperwork. We had to tell them it's our own cat, he's vaccinated etc.
    So with a dog biting someone outside the family - even tho the guy is an AH - I wouldn't want OP to have to deal with Animal Control.
  12. Absolutely.

    OP simply explain to your neighbor that you are in the process of training your dog and any cooperation on his part would be very much appreciated. You should present it like he's "helping" you. Ask him to please ignore your dog from now on and if you are out in the yard with your dog and the neighbor is next door, give your neighbor a treat/cookie to give to your dog. Let him know this will go a long way to keep your dog from barking at him and be a positive experience for them both.