Please HelpMe ;) i'm .... uh .... lost :(

  1. Hello,

    I've just purchased this saddle bag on ... but ... a few days ago i thought it was real .....

    Now i have serious doubts about it

    Somebody could help me please .. before i have to pay or this bag

    Thanx a lot to all of you

    let see there : [...] 0046416040
  2. its fake im sorry i hope you can get outta buying it

    good luck

    next time post a link in the authenticate this thread before you bid
  3. WHy can you say that please ? ;) i want to learn now lol

    this model didn"t exist on dior listings ?

    i'll manage not to pay this bag now .. and will post pics here when i'll find a new one

    thanx a lot
  4. i am learning myself but the inside tag was a dead giveaway it is not suppose to look like that! on the front of the tag it should say christian dior underneath the tag it should say where is was made with the date code the tag of the bag you showed me had all of this on the front of the tag
  5. Yup total fake!!! But a good fake!! Ask for the receipt and then use that as an excuse not to buy it! Next time, post the link before bidding and we'll help you out!
  6. Thanks to the 3 of You ;)

    Dior lover , that's what i'm doing now on the "authentifying" topic ... could you help me there too ?

    I'll stop hassling you when one beautifull saddle will be mine lol
  7. Ops it is fake ...hope u get ur $$ back