Please helpme choose my First Nightingale

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  1. I'm getting my first Nightingale in a Medium size, but I'm having problems deciding on the color, narrowed it down to two colors.. NAVY or ORANGE. Which one should I choose and why?
    Tia for your comments!
    I don't see too many photos with the Orange, so photos would be great if you own one!
  2. depends on what you have already, in terms of bag colors and wardrobe. personally, i love both...which is obviously the same problem that one other tpfers had, cuz she got both! i think she has a thread with reveals if you havent already seen it.
  3. I have an extensive wardrobe that consists of many different colors and lot of blk too! I ended pulling the trigger after seeing a Navy, bc I have one orange Hermes Lindy bag and love it, but have a problem with dark denim transfer!
    It just really sucks that the stores here don't have a Nightingale for me to try on. :sad:
    I figured go with what's safe, Navy should go well with everything and be a good everyday bag for me, so I ordered the Navy med size Lambskin from HGBags. She only had the Goatskin in orange, which I would have preferred.
  4. Smart, navy is lovely and lamb is the softest ever. if you see that your navy gets a lot of love, then the nightingale is for you...i think givenchy makes beautiful "colors" so im sure theres one with your name in the near future.
  5. You will love it - please share photos once your new Nightingale arrives!!
  6. Yes, I will! I just hope the navy isn't too dark, like Blk! I asked E to choose a nice one:smile:
    Do you pen the Navy one?
  7. Good choice! Few color transfer issues that way.
    Can't wait to see your newest purchase!
  8. Good choice!
  9. Okay ladies got my Navy in and I absolutely Love it! The lamb leather is so nice, it reminds me of my Balenciaga giant work bag as far as the quality but not distressed. I was so worried that the med would be too Big, but it's not, it is a larger bag but Perfect for everyday bag:smile:
    I want to post pictures but fir some reason after I did the update to my iPhone, the pict.part on TPF won't allow me to update, grr!
  10. Congratulations, happy to hear you love your new nightingale. Can't wait to see it.
  11. Here's my new bag:smile:
  12. Lovely! Do you prefer to carry it by the handles or using the shoulder strap?
  13. With the handles but if I'm out shopping or need my hands I like the shoulder!
  14. beautiful and classy, just as a navy nightingale should be.
  15. Aww, thank you :smile: