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  1. I have a chanel timeless classic medium doubble flap bag the thing is that it has all black hardware and burgandy inside I'm currently selling it 4,500 I was just told that it is very rare.... it that still a fair price? Or am I off a few grand? 20160629_213548.jpg 146808102518374844103.jpg
  2. Where did you get it? You should have it authenticated before selling.
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  3. My grandmother has a bunch of them she told me to sell it to get some money she told me it was rare but I didn't know she meant scarce as hell.... lol its real you can smell it.....the Cs over lap properly....has the foil inside..... flathead sceews on the inside of the lock....stitching is pristine and is soft to tha touch.... my grandmother does not buy fake anything lbs
  4. The stitching, hardware, and leather look off.
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  5. In my experience, I have never heard of so black ever coming with burgundy lining. The m/l so black is one of the older versions and to my knowledge it was released with black lining. I am by no means an expert authenticator, but I think you should have your bag properly authenticated and present the third party authentication documentation when selling something like this.
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  6. I'm sorry to say but this all black doesn't seem right. I hope I am wrong. Please get it authenticated so you don't come a cross any issues. Good luck to you.
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  7. I have found 3 or 4 sites that have my exact bag and they have sold for over 6 grand you can't really mistake leather. Especially nice leather I work with it daily making moccasins. That being said what is off that you see with the hardwear? Like specifically because the Cs are right on the overlap properly the flathead screws on the underside are there and the foil on the inside is also there.... Idk what u mean about the stitching bit trust me it's right on there is no way this is fake and if it is it's the world's best I mean my grandmother has 3 other purses that have the serial number and authenticity cards with the she said this one was the oldest and most rare.... who would I get it authenticated through without having to pay?
  8. Ok what doesn't look right u guys keep saying that please elaborate on that because I can tell it's real lether by the smell can't you guys on yours?

    And by how damn soft it is I mean it's damn nice smooth to tha touch
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  10. Could you post a pic of the hologram,.I.e. the serial number sticker on the bag, for us to see?
  11. There is no sticker of any kind and I seen that I had one of my camera filters on here I'll post another couple pictures
  12. Some pics are too large I'll try to get a feel more

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  13. Hi there

    There's no need to argue whether the bag is authentic or not if you have if properly authenticated

    In addition, we don't discuss authentication details individually and authentication questions are only allowed in Chanel authentication thread

    Please ensure you read the very first post on this thread as it details the requirements of our authenticators in order to be able to process your request quickly and efficiently.
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