please help...

  1. is the lock suppose to fray the tabs or stain whatever it's hanging from on the bag..i.e. speedies. i bought my speedy azur last week and the tab is all messed up from the lock. i took it to the lv boutique i got it from and they were so rude and they made like i damaged it on purpose and said they couldn't do anything about it. i was so pissed. what am i suppose to do with a brand new bag that has a messed up tab?
    if anybody can help me, i'd really appreciate it. tia.
  2. the locks do tend to tarnish the leather tab i've noticed, that is why i choose to leave mine off. Not so sure about it fraying the leather though!
  3. I think you can have the tab replaced..but then you'd probably have to have the handles replaced too since the vachetta wouldn't match in color.
    The locks do tend to do that if you keep them on there for a long time without switching sides (like if it's on the left side of the tab, switching it to the right and vice versa).