Please help!!

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  1. I have many LV pieces but have never had this issue. My bag is about two weeks old and I just noticed an issue (seen in picture below) is it worth taking into LV? It's really annoying me because I feel like it looks HORRIBLE. Please help!!

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  2. I would return this
  3. Even thoigh it's been more than a week? I just now noticed it. Would they exchange it for another?
  4. Depends if your SA likes you. Ive returned items that are over 6 months old with no problems . That is definitely a manufacturer defect / flaws but since they are hand made it sometimes happens .

  5. +1!
  6. They all love me lol so it should be fine I guess. I've never like complained in there haha. Thank you!!
  7. You've got a good eye! It is noticeable once you point it out, though. I'm sure you can exchange even though it's been a week. I doubt they can claim you did that
  8. I would definitely exchange.
  9. +1
  10. You should be nothing but happy. If you've gone out of your way to post here, you need to exchange it. :smile: GL