Please help!

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  1. Hi everyone! So I'm in the market for a new black leather bag. I am completely clueless about givenchy, however I was browsing through different brands and I came across the nightingale and it appealed to me. I was wondering if anyone can fill me in on the bag such as quality and whatnot. Thank you so much!
  2. The nightingale is a well made very wearable bag.
    Coming in three sizes, it can truly meets the needs of most anyone.
    You should browse through the nightingale thread as well as others.
    You will find the comments and photos helpful.
  3. OP, there is TONS of info on the 'gale. Do a basic search within Givenchy and you will surely find much to your heart's delight.

    Good luck and if you do commit to a 'gale or other Gbag, share pics :graucho:
  4. Thank you everyone!