Please HELP!

  1. I got home from work this evening and noticed that the metal CC turn lock zipper fixture fell off my bag and is lost out in the streets of NYC somewhere!!

    See pic below.

    The bag is a little over three weeks old and has been worn about 5 times! It was purchased at the Chanel shop in Soho, they are closed now..but does anyone have any experience with a problem like this? The bag was not hit in any way nor was it overfilled thus making it too heavy.

    I am hoping that Chanel will replace the fixture, as it is clearly seems to be a defect on their part?
    Please help, any advice is very much appreciated!
  2. I don't see any pix
  3. are two pics.
    IMG_0938.JPG IMG_0940.JPG
  4. I am sure they will fix it, take it to whatever your nearest store is now and explain the situation to them. Try not to stress!
  5. They will absolutely replace it. Chanel has very good service.
  6. Cute bag!!!! Sorry this happened....I'm really suprised to learn that Chanel has such problems. I'm sure they'll replace it for you for free, just go back and explain what happened, I mean you just bought it!!!! Maybe they can just give you a new one. I wouldn't want to wait for a repair to be done.
  7. Thank you Shari! You know I'm stressing, it was my favorite part of the bag, it was just a small detail, but for how much the bag cost ($2300!)...and considering the short time I've had it, it is just frustrating :sad:
  8. they will fix it for worries!
  9. oh no poor you!! :sad: I would have freaked out much worst than you.. I hope Chanel fixes it for you soon!! :yes:
  10. so sorry that happen, but not to worry -- it will be fine :smile: