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  1. Could someone please tell me where I would make a post so that I can have a Chanel bag authenticated?
  2. Ok for some odd reason it's not letting me load these pics in the authentication forum so I was hoping someone could shed some light for me from these pics. The person selling this bag says its 1000% authentic but I'm not sure...




  3. I'm not an authenticator but is that a photo of the tag inside? If so that's super fake. Regardless of the rest of the photos. You should familiarize yourself with real Chanel tags and what to look for to spot fakes.
  4. That's what my main concern was. I asked her what that was. (Still no response) I do own one Chanel bag that I purchased from Neiman Marcus so I know what a hologram tag should look like.
  5. I am not an authenticator, but have been collecting /purchasing only authentic from retail for decades, that bag does NOT look good to me whatsoever. I hope you can repost in the authentication thread- but, IMO, I would pass.
  6. Aside from the inside Model info tag (very fake), the CC embossed logo looks very questionable as well.
  7. Though I only have one flap bag, I have seen my relative's GST and PST. Size and position of logo very questionable. The tag - whatever it is supposed to be, has not been observed in Chanel bags I have seen.
  8. i am not an authenticator but having purchased so many Chanel bags, i am 99.9% that the bag in that picture is counterfeit
  9. Is that the price in US? If so, it is actually cheaper in store. Also, this bag looks very questionable. The tag on the inside looks nothing like one you would find in real Chanels. I am on the fence about this one, but I wouldn't take a chance
  10. Ok good stay away. Usually the ones who don't respond and who have to say its more than 100% authentic aka 1000 lol are the ones that are fake.
  11. Thanks for all your input!!! Will definitely be staying away! She finally responded to my questions and matters only got worst. Definitely not authentic... She claimed her friend works for Chanel and they are allowed to get the bags that doesn't make it to stores and boutiques for whatever reason and that's why it doesn't have an actual hologram tag inside .
  12. All Chanel bag should have hologram sticker even display, samples or runway samples. Glad you caught that and stayed away. ;)
  13. I have to close this as all authenticity questions must be in the thread already provided.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.