please help!!


Aphrodite A
Jul 18, 2010
It's so nice your bf is being supportive, and don't worry about the pleats on 3 of your bags, the Westminster, Trevi and Tivoli are all different and beautiful in their own merit, personally I like all three better than Artsy, but i know its a popular style and most people really love it.. I hope you find a good one :smile:


Oct 24, 2011
Make sure you try the Artsy on. I fell in love with it and when I actually went into the store and tried it on, I could not stand where it rubbed under my armpit:sad:

It is a great bag, but make sure you love it before you trade. Otherwise, if you have all of the receipts...sell it and get one you love.


Apr 20, 2010
Thanks all for ur friend brought by the her artsy this morning for me to try on and to be just wasnt for me. I think rather then even saving for an artsy Im going to buy a mono neverfull mm because I have the damier neverfull mm and I love it as a shoulder bag. I realized from this morning that her artsy was no where near the condition of my bag and thank god I didnt commit to a trade. Although she did say she was in love with my tivoli and would do the trade even without me having to put in the 300 bucks I declined the offer. I think u guys are right the tivoli is such a pretty bag to let go!!!!!!!! Thanks again for all ur help!!


Mar 31, 2007
Alberta, Canada
I would keep the Tivoli esp if there is water marks etc on the Artsy and yours looks brand new, that would bug me forever after if I traded my brand new condition bag for one more used. Keep Tivoli and maybe make a point of trying to use her once a week, or once a month, just so she gets shown off, she deserves it!
Apr 18, 2011
I would rather have the Artsy . But I would always buy new . Please never sell your bags over time u will be sad . I sold my mc zcp and my mono speedy last month and I only had them for 6 months . Yesterday I bought another mono speedy . Crazy me. :smile: