Please Help!?!

Feb 28, 2006
Northern VA
Ok this weekend I'm going to the COACH boutique to use my 25% off PCE card. I have a few purses in mind: Please help me choose 1 & only 1, so I have some money to get a scarf.

I love this one because it's neutral & I can match alot of accessories (scarves, keyfobs, shoes, etc)

It's alittle bit smaller but just as cute & versatile.

This one I :heart: love:heart: and I wanna get the matching flats. I just don't want it to be too much (w/ bag & shoes). You know?! What's your opinions on these bags!! Thanks.


Sep 6, 2006
one only? that's not going to be easy!

i definitely would choose between 1 and 2 just because i carry a lot more? and the multiple pockets help me, and my ipod, cell phone, camera...let's not forget keys!

i would chose the white b/c i love the white, but after wearing it for so long, i'd say, if you were the kind that were super anal about keeping your purse crystal clean, etc....i'd get the resort.

i personally don't mind

but that's just me :smile:

also, the denim bag comes with it's own matching scarf! how cute is that!


Sep 30, 2006
New York
DEFINANTELY number 1. You cant go wrong with a white bag, its very classic!! and will go with everything.. I despise the denim line, I find it very unattractive, and wont go with alot of outfits! goodluck!


Sep 6, 2006
Will jeans transfer onto the white? If so, does the leather cleaner take it out? Thanks!
this has happened to me so yup :sweatdrop:

there's no leather cleaner, but for myself i just mild soap and cloth to smooth it out...and tried rubbing it helps some

but you can still see it.


i'm super careful with it, and the jeans that i know will rub off on it now.


Sep 22, 2006
To me a white bag is more versatile, but if you love the resort line and will regret it if you don't have a piece, then you need to get that. The shoulder bag will probably hold slightly more, but the top zip is a very clean, simple look and it hold more than you would think. Good luck with your decision!