Please help!!!

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  1. I am going to a Christmas party this weekend....I have nothing to wear, I'm changing my career and do not have extra $ for anything pricey.
    Here is the dilema....the party is on a Sunday from 6-10 and will be packed with "high society" people and will be a bit of a fashion show. What to wear!?!? I would choose not to go but this is for my boyfriend to network at. I really do not want to look out of place. Please help with color, style, shoes....oh god, I have no good shoes right now :wtf: . Any advice?
  2. Find yourself a nice fitting little black dress and sparkle it with some simple jewelry. Aim for elegance which is what high society people admire. Keep it simple!
  3. Thanks...I do have a good black coctail dress it is a little conservative, but pretty....strapy heels or peek-a-boo toe pumps? Jewelry....silver or gold?
    Oh hair...down & sleek or half up half down?
  4. I vote for peek-a-boo toe pumps - they seem a little more fashionable at the moment - and down & sleek hair. As for jewlery, go for whatever looks best on you. :yes:
  5. really depends on what kinda look you're looking for. and please, no more little black dresses!! i think the LBD is far over-worked and far over-used. Go for either a long, flowy, full-length dress with a deep neckline, or a short, striking coloured mini dress that has a higher neckline.
    accessories should always be kept to the minimal. if you want to wear the deep v-neck, wear a nice necklace with a pendant. add on some simple earrings, a clutch, fantastic glowy tanned skin and great muted make-up.
  6. I generally agree but I think if you are on a budget and already have a great LBD, you should by all means use it! Spend whatever budget you have on updating it with great shoes, jewlery and a purse.
  7. Yes my little black dress is in my budget and my peek-a-boo shoes are as well. I wish that I could buy something nice and different but money is tight and Christmas is here, I would feel horrible spending more on myself for an obligitory party than gifts for my family/friends. Thank you for your help. I feel much better now!
  8. Also, check photos. A friend of mine was invited to a high society party in Paris and that is the first thing she did to figure out how people dressed. She also wore a little black dress which she magically crafted into a gown after looking at the photos. She had to be resourceful on a budget. It worked!

    Just be yourself and have fun!
  9. Wear a LBD. "Everyone" may be wearing one but cheaper full length or bright colored minidresses have the tendency of looking "cheap." Don't overdo it if you aren't sure what other people will be wearing to the party. Also, black is very hot this season so you won't see a lot of people in flowy or short brightly colored numbers.

    You could also wear a bubble skirt with a jeweled or lace-trimmed cardigan, in black (and white). Behnaz Sarafpour for Target has an inexpensive cardigan that is adorable for $30. It also comes in all black. You could also wear a belt over the cardigan.