Please help

  1. Hi, I'm new here. As my name says, I am fashion clueless. My only hope is to get picked for "What not to Wear". :love:

    Anyway, I bought this Ann Taylor skirt that Winternight posted back on September 29, and I need suggestions about tops for a party. It was a total steal at 75% off ($23.99!), so I had to buy it.

    It is a black pleated bubble skirt with red rose floral design. I'm very tall and reasonably thin, and it hits above the knee. Just not sure what to pair it with???
  2. I would suggest probably a red perfect fit shirt (no designs on the shirt, just red) or you can pair the skirt with a black shirt and wear like a red belt (a big belt) around your upper waist..
  3. I would go with a simple black sweater
  4. A fitted top in black or red. Anything more complicated than that would take away from the skirt IMO.