Please Help

  1. I just found an old LV purse I believe in my grandmas old things.

    I have searched but yet to find any LV like it and due to I do not have a digital here as of yet I will try describe maybe someone can help me (I hope)

    It is a purse with black/gold monogram, tan trim on the bottom with 2 buckles (look to be useless at bottom in front) the top is a handle and a strap the goes over and latches.

    The inside is dark brown suede with one zipper compartment in it. All the latches / buckles have Louis Vuitton paris made in france on them. The place the strap would go the rivits inside even say louis vuitton.

    If anyone could give me advice based off of this it would be very helpfully, I am sure it is atleast 15 years old if not more.
  2. I'm not good at vintage but suede interior will make me wonder:s Wait for Addy, she's good at vintage.:yes:
  3. I know nothing about them, lol only that my grandma loved costly items and had nothing but the best. If it is a nock off I am sure she never even knew. But I do hope thats not the case.
  4. Posting a picture would help..
  5. I would if I had a digital at the moment, but sadly that is in my other house. I was in hopes the buckles at the bottom may be a give away due to they are totally decrative it looks like.
  6. I can't recall a vintage LV like the one you are describing. It would be great to see pics even from your cell phone...
  7. try posting pic's ...
  8. It's hard to identify the bag without the pics..
  9. Dont beleive in cell phones (odd I know) I guess I will have to wait till I make it to my other house or go buy a digital for this house. But I do thank you for your responces.