Please help! :(

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  1. Hey guys! :biggrin: I've been poking around on the forum for a while now, but have never posted anything. But I need your help, if possible...

    I'm an avid lover of handbags. I've got loads. Nearly 200. BUT ... they're all fakes. GOOD fakes, but fakes nonetheless. I own one authentic Juicy Couture wristlet. ("Couture is Bliss") I'm content with owning fakes as I really cannot afford to splurge on real ones, so that's not the problem.

    Last week I spotted one of you guys showing off a GORGEOUS Balenciaga floral city bag. Yellow. And I died. I've been searching high and low online AND I've even taken to trolling the streets of lower manhattan where lots of fakes are floating around. If any of you guys know anything about finding replicas of, apparently, elusive handbags, I'd be SO grateful!!

    Thanx :heart:
  2. yikes! can't help you.

    your best bet is the any AUTHORIZED retailer that sells Balenciaga bags.
  3. Please read the rules about fakes. You will be hard pressed to find anyone other than a spammer telling you where to buy fakes. Fakes are frowned upon here.

  4. oops, should have read the fine print, i guess. lol. thanks for the heads up. i'll go back to admiring from a distance.
  5. If you have 200 bags - even if they are fakes, that equates to a lot of money spent. Maybe you could sell your collection and use the money to buy your favourite real bags...
  6. Anyone who has been reading here for more than 10 minutes knows our position against the ILLEGAL sale of counterfeit goods. Please do not inquire here again, thanks!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.