Please Help!!!!

  1. This past week I watched the first season of Weeds. I instantly fell in love with her bag, and spent all weekend trying to find out what it was and where I could find it. This purse has consumed my mind. Please help me identify it, PLEASE!
  2. piccie or description!!! then we can try and help you :biggrin:

    Welcome the forums by the way :smile:
  3. That's the problem, because I know nothing about the bag I can't find the pics. I origionally posted this in the celebrity area because I figured someone in there might be a fan of Weeds. I'll go back and watch a few episodes this evening to get a good description. I am pretty unknowleagable about purses, so I don't want to start describing what I see it like and then be way off base. But I do know it was a brown leather bag, medium in size (maybe large in size, but not huge like the trend is), with a long strap that had rings connecting the strap together (maybe two of them). The purse has a flap instead of a zipper (may have a zipper underneath flap) and has two outer compartments that are about cell phone size. Again, I'll have to go back and look at the episodes, because my bf thinks that they may have named it in one of the first episodes, but was a fake. I don't remember the purse sticking out that much in my mind at that time, and for some reason I thought that was a different purse altogether.

    Guess I was just hoping if I put this out there, someone would know.

    Thanks for any help.
  4. So I found a picture of the bag, hope it helps to indentify it.

  5. gosh I am no help... maybe someone else can chime in here.. hope someone is able to help..