Please help...


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Feb 1, 2009

I don't know. They seem a bit cheap. Aren't coffers around $1000? Here in the UK they are about £800 and that is for a normal sized one. I'm just a bit wary of something that seems 'too good to be true'. Plus they use just stock photos and not very good ones at that. Maybe email them asking for shots of the bag you want from diff angels... the label... the zip.. lining etc?

Maybe someone on here knows for definite or had some experience with them?

I did a search to see if anyone has asked this btw..

It's not looking good. I'd stick clear. Everyone else on the other threads seems to screaming fake



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Jan 23, 2009
Columbus, OH/Toronto CA
I think someone has asked about Kelly Boutiques on "Authenticate this"... either Rosemary or Miu2 gave it a :tdown: I wouldn't buy from them... the purses are way under their market values.