Please Help!!

  1. I am trying to learn more about the Hermes bags. My mother wants one and I dont know much about them. My dad and I are trying to surprise her. Can anyone help to give me some insight about the collection. ALso the average price??Where would i purchase one???

  2. ldisangro, welcome! The best thing to do is to look at the first 4-5 threads stuck at the top. They're chock-full of information. If you want more specific info, you might want to tell us more about your mother's tastes. As for price, the range is very wide. The only place you're guaranteed a genuine Hermes is at their boutiques, but with some education and savvy, you can purchase from consignment shops and online auction sites. Good luck!
  3. Well, you've come to the right place to ask the questions! I see from your profile that you're in MA. There is an Hermes boutique in downtown Boston (corner of Arlington and Boylston Streets, across from the Public Garden). Julie is a great sales associate there and very helpful.

    There is never an entire "inventory" of bags available in a store at any given time - as you can see from the "Inventory" thread under the Hermes Shopping subforum. If you want to call the store and ask what's on the shelf before you go into the city, the phone number is (617) 482-8707. If they're not busy (don't call at lunchtime!), they will usually be glad to help out.

    What kind of bag you get depends on a few things: does she tend towards dressy or casual - suits or jeans, for example? Does she like color or neutrals?

    You should look at the Hermes Reference thread for pictures of styles, sizes and colors. That might give you a better idea before you go into the boutique to start looking.

    Kellys retail around $6500 - depending on leather and size
    Bolides retail around $5000 - again, depending on leather and size
  4. Here was a list of some of what Boston had on Tuesday of this week...

    Boston inventory today

    You can go back through the reference threads to see pictures of each style and color
  5. OT and funnyredhead...great advice and very helpful!

    Funnyredhead...wish you could help me in my are great!
  6. :angel: Thanks, KB -- (of course, I "should" be working!! :roflmfao: )
  7. if your mom admires and desires an hermes bag, please reconsider surprising her. this is a major item and it would be really sad to not get it quite right.
  8. I agree with HiHeels. I think the best way to surprise her is to bring her inside the boutique and ask her what would she want.

  9. HEAVEN!!!
  10. What a wonderful daughter you are. I think that is so sweet of you to want to get your mother an Hermes. I do agree with HiHeels and BagShoeLover though and think you should talk to her before you buy a bag. Hermes bags are very expensive and you should only buy one if you are completely in love with it. I think surprising your mom with a trip to the boutique to look around and find a bag that speaks to her is an excellent idea.
  11. goodluck in finding the perfect bag for your mom!!
  12. ^^ I agree - good luck in your quest:flowers:
  13. I don't know a lot about Hermes bags but think that one of the pleasures of bag buying is in the 'hunting" and perhaps your mother will enjoy being involved with the purchase. I can't think of anything nicer than being taken to the shop and having an enjoyable day (knowing that I can get myself something!). Your are a great daughter!
  14. Idea -- take her into Boston for the day, lunch at the Four Seasons and then walk down the block to Hermes and turn her loose in the store to try on and make her choice. Store is not open on Sundays until September - but tomorrow (8/12) is a sales tax holiday in Massachusetts, so you and your father could save the 5% tax tomorrow!

    Have fun - what a wonderful thing to do for your mother! (my mother wouldn't even go into the store....I've tried to get her in there! LOL!)
  15. Wow! thank you all so much for all the wonderful suggestions! I think you are right. I Will take my mom to lucnh and then take her with me, i agree it is important for her to choose her favorite. It will probably be the only one she will ever get! She doesnt like to spend money on herself! I will let you know how it goes. I am planning on going Saturday with the tax free shopping day lol!!!

    Any suggestions for what the average bag sells for? i am sure they never have these bags on sale?

    thanks everyone! you were all so helpfull! I have chanel bags and LV but not very familiar with hermes!!!:idea: