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  1. I have been looking online and on this forum for a few weeks now and can't decide on an EVERYDAY purse. I will be buying online since i don't live near a store. I want a purse that will be big enough to fit a wallet, agenda, eyeglasses and sunglass case, a makeup bag and other little things. Please help! Any ideas will help!! I need a new purse soon!
  2. Are you wanting leather or a sig pattern?
    Color you like?
  3. Any of the carly's I think would be a great everyday bag or else the Zoe!
  4. Also, what is your budget? That will help narrow it down a bit.
  5. I think slim carly is perfect for an everyday bag.
  6. I love my signature...I think it wears really well.
  7. ^^Hmm...I agree. I love the sig. stripe bag in the older style, last years style, or the newer style w/ the patent stripe if you are looking for a sig. bag. If you are looking for a leather bag, how about a leather Carly or the Hamptons Carryall? Good luck deciding!
  8. THis is a great looking everyday bag. I think it would hold everything you mentioned above. I have not seen this in person yet, but from what I have read here on the forum, it is nice and comfortable for everyday.... not too heavy.

  9. Coach makes a ton of bags that would fit your criteria.. my personal favorites are the Ergo Hobo and that bleecker above is gorgeous!

    I prefer one strap to two straps.. easier for me to carry
  10. my favorite everyday bags are the ergo line, the hobos or the totes are great.
  11. Why don't you just check what is available now on the Coach site, narrow it down to a few selections, then we may be better to assist you with suggestions.