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  1. Ok, so I sold a textbook to a 0 fb buyer. They did the BIN and paid right away. The listing ended on Friday morning, I emailed her after I saw the payment and said I would ship the following day (not realizing it'd be saturday! UPS doesn't pick up on saturdays) for overnight. I messaged her back, apologizing, and said I would ship the next business day as the shipping stated in my listing which is monday. She didn't seem understanding, and asked me to ship to another address (unconfirmed) stating that she will be leaving for school and won't be at the current paypal address.

    Now I'm nervous, thinking she may leave me neg feedback.

    I want to refund her money, would she be able to leave fb then?
  2. Let me guess, was the unconfirmed address in the Philippines?


    She wont leave you negative, just dont ship and refund her payment, please see all the other threads on this
  3. It's actually in the US. At first, I was ok with the 0 fb buyer, they had already paid when I checked my account! Now I'm just nervous about it.

    So if I refund the money, they are not able to leave fb?

    Thanks for your quick reply!
  4. I wouldnt ship it iether way. Too many redflags, 0 feedback, quick payment, alternate shipping address, wants you to ship ASAP, scam or not these are all signs of using a stolen credit card#. Was the ebay account newly created?

    Also, you would not be protected by Paypal AT ALL if you shipped to an address other than is what is on the paypal account. Do not worry about negative feedback, she is asking you to break the rules by shipping to an alternate address. I would refund her the money, take it from someone who was scammed.....this just smells fishy.
  5. Oh my god....I didnt even see that it was TEXTBOOK you sold! Not that it makes a difference but I thought it was a high priced purse! many scams and paranoia is at it's highest with me!

    But anyway, to answer you're questions, if she leaves negative feedback you can reply to it by saying she was asking you to ship to an alternate address, it is a no-no.
  6. The acct was created in Jan. 06, but they have 0 fb?

    Sorry, I just DO NOT want to get a neg fb. I have a few things listed and my BF will be listing higher priced items. I will refund her the money, I will message her to let her know why. If a neg fb is left, ebay will remove it, correct? Sorry to be so anal about this!
  7. A neg fb will look bad! I have perfect fb right now. =\

    Yeah, it's only a $30 textbook for college!
  8. seeing as its a textbook and she's going to be at school, i can see where she's coming from with her request, i would still not ship anywhere but the confirmed address though .
  9. I see where she's coming from too. Then again, she should have known that I wouldn't be able to ship until the next business day, which is monday! She still did the BIN and paid for it. Most of the other listings for this book did not offer overnight shipping. ahhh
  10. I would ship it. Alot of college kids are going back now.
  11. Why can't it be shipped to the confirmed address? Can't she have someone there (parents, neighbor?) receive the package and mail the book to her school address? To buy something on Friday and expect to have it on Monday is either naive or a way to create conflict. If she can't trouble herself to get someone at home mail her the book, why should you trouble yourself sending the item to an uncomfirmed address?
  12. i don't see any reason to raise alarm here. it's near the end of august, a lot of college students are going back. if i paid for next day shipping, i wouldn't want the textbook to be sent to my parents, only to wait another 3-4 days for it to arrive on campus, at my parents' expense to mail it to me from home.
  13. that's true, but shipping to uncomfirmed addresses is a basic no-no unless you're willing to risk losing the item and money if something goes wrong
  14. well, everything on ebay is a risk. even shipping to a confirmed address doesn't truly protect the seller from anything. there are just too many ways for the buyer to get his/her money back.

    i think you have to see it on a case by case basis. in this case, i can see where the buyer is coming from. i would ship it, and that's just my opinion.