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  1. new to this site. bid on ebay for coach, balenciaga, prada, etc. want to know how to tell a good fake. can tell the bad ones, like not real leather, signature fabric, etc. please help. thanks. :yes: j
  2. Ok, you want to know how to spot a fake? My only advice is look at the price and if you find something you think is real (listen to your gut) then post it on the pf and someone will help you out. The balenciaga subforum also has a subsection that posts authentic bbags found on ebay.
  3. go to it'll help to make you familiar with the details on different balenciagas, it is a blog where numerous owners of balenciaga have contributed details, and is a great source.

    if you have questions about authenticity, post in the 'authenticate this' sticky at the top of the Balenciaga forum!

  4. Welcome Jan. There's no quick way of explaining this especially since you're considering different brands. I suggest visiting the Coach, Bal and Prada threads regularly and the authentication threads. You'll learn over time what to look out for.

    If I was to answer your question in a nutshell. Look out for these:
    1) Good reputatable feedback
    2) Clear pictures so you can compare it to a genuine article
    3) A reasonable bidding price. (If it starts out as 99c with no reserve, then stear clear.)
    4) Check with other PFers specific auctions to see what they think before bidding.
  5. ITA with everything Mimi said!:yes: Fantastic info on LP's Ateliernaff site. If all else fails, post on the authenticate this thread before you place a bid.
  6. I'm confused. So far, I don't know how to navigate this site. All it looks like to me is a bunch of people talking to each other...conversations..... I have found the "Balenciaga" forum...I think. However, I can't find the subforum that recommends genuine bags on ebay. But, thanks for your help. That really helped.

    But, the photos on ebay are sometimes not conducive to spotting some of these fakes. I actually emailed one of the sellers about the bag being genuine & her "out" was that they were sold to her a "GENUINE", they came from her supplier in Paris, & she carried one herself from the Parisian supplier & has always thought hers was genuine. Although she admitted she wouldn't know a fake from a genuine article.

    I want to know how to spot the fakes on the bags I'm interested in....Balenciaga, Coach, Prada, Louis Vitton, Yves Saint Laurent. I don't see how sellers can sell a Bal. Motorcycle for $150.00 on ebay!!! That just doesn't compute. I don't mind a fake, if it's hard to tell it's a fake. Know what I mean??? I will pay extra for a GOOD fake!!!

    I can buy all the BAD fakes I want. What I want is a GOOD FAKE,

    Thanks, anymore helpful info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Must Have Touched The Wrong Button On My Laptop. I Think The Post Got Sent Before I Finished Typing. Sorry.
  8. There are good fakes, but I dont believe in buying any fake. If you want a fake, that's your perogative. My opinion is anything under 400 is fake. But we don't promote fakes on this website, so I doubt people are going to be very open to telling you how to buy something that you can perpetrate as the real thing on here. There is a subforum called Achtung, Balenciaga that shows AUTHENTIC bbag ebay auctions.
  9. Thanks so much for your reply. I will do that. However, I am looking at a photo on ebay & don't have access to the bag until it's mailed to me.

    Any more help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I am really new at this & am having a hard time navigating this site. Thanks, Jan
  10. What is a "thread"? I am having trouble navigating this site. I only discovered it 2 days ago. Thanx so much for you help.
  11. This is a thread. When you asked a question, it created something called a thread.
  12. $400 - $500 is within my price range. I thought I'd have to pay $1,000+ for the real thing. I just want to make sure that if I do pay $$$ for a bag on ebay, that I'm not getting a FAKE! What I'm hearing from several sources is that there are lots of fakes out there & you can really get taken easily by ebay sellers if you don't know what to look for. Obviously, most "guarantees" aren't worth much & most you can't trust to be honest!!

    Do you know of any places that I can buy a genuine Balenciaga from a store or online that is around $500???
  13. No, not for that price range, but it is possible to find some type of authentic bbag on ebay for around 600, I've seen a few. I recommend putting them in the authenticate this thread to find out whether any bag you are interested in is real.
  14. Ok, when you look at the bag on Ebay, check for the details listed on the Ateliarnaff site. Compare the photo of the bag you see on Ebay with what should be on a real balenciaga bag(from the info you read on ateliarnaff--EX: if the bag has square bales, then it is FAKE, look at the inside metal plate--make sure the numbers are correct(info from aterliarnaff site--under the section titled "art of reading the tag"). You can tell a lot from a photo. :yes:
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