Please Help..

  1. This is my first time in the Gucci forum.
    Hope someone is willing to help me with my inquiry..

    I bought this wallet in Nov 2006 from the Gucci store during a sale.
    I don't use this wallet much so I'm thinking to give it to a friend (not as a gift but just give since I have used it).
    But for some reason, I need to confirm the leather of this wallet before I gives this to her. Is this made of pig skin? (cos I know some of Gucci products are made of it)?
    Sorry..this is my only Gucci purchase so I don't really know much about Gucci.

    Thank you so much in advance!:flowers:
  2. I'm adding another close-up pic of the back..
  3. No, it does not look like pigskin to me.
  4. No, it's not pigskin, pigskin has a lot of pores and bumps in the leather and has a rougher texture. Nice wallet, by the way!
  5. Yeah i do not believe it is pig skin... pig skin is very textured.. it is specially treated to have a kind of grain through it.
  6. Thanks alot emald37, gucciabbey & coco
    Really appreciate your reply and confirmation!:yes: