Please help...

  1. :wtf:With my PCE I bought the Keri Sunglasses. I love them, but there is one problem I feel that the balck makes them look guyish. So I am thinking if the torquois, but I have not seen them, are they too light. I have to do a little trip in the bus to get them so I would hate to get there and not love them. But I would also hate not love my black ones. Please help? What do you think is nicer. The black or torquoise?

  2. I think they are actually in tortoise.. not turquois (the blue color)... tortoise is a dark brown with waves of black in them...

    The tortoise ones are going to be a bit softer and less masuline i think.... i say... go to the closest drug store in walking distance and check out the tortoise glasses they have... they are like an almost translucent dark brown, with some waves of black.. try the cheap-o ones on to see how the color works on you.. I'm a redhead and i'd take the tortoise over the black any day.
  3. I have the Keri's in the tortoise and I love them! I needed black ones too, so I bought the Taryn's. I do think that the Keri's look best in tortoise....go exchange them!
  4. what great advice !
  5. I have the Keri in tortoise! I like them much better than the black ones.
  6. I have tortoise glasses (granted not coach) and I get tonnes of compliments, sometimes they do look very black-like, but all the same people really like them. especially me :biggrin:

    I guess if you feel the black are too guyish, even if people say they don't it is what you think, so if you are not confident in them you definitely should swap them.
  7. haha... oh man I think I may have been High on cheetos. Yes that is what I was trying to say....:whistle: Thanks you.... I always loved that dark brown color, But I thought maybe it was different... Thank you.
  8. Thank you for your info and opinions. I made the 1:30 min bus ride to Rodeo Drive Since they where the only ones that had the color. I :heart::heart::heart: them, thank you for the input. I feel bad because, the first one they gave me, I tried on I loved them, but when we where about to take the bus home, I thought that there was too much of the light spots, so I made my mother walk back again with me. I made the SA, bring them all out until, I found the nice one with the least beige in them:thinking: I felt kinda bad, but I do not want to risk the chance of having to came back again.

  9. Thats too funny! I would have gone back too though! I would have obsessed over them and worried that i could have gotten a better pair! I'm glad you like them!! I'll bet half of those SA's really like their job so i'm sure you didn't bother them at all....

    I was thinking about this post this morning when i was putting on my cheap-o glasses... i kinda want some coach ones now....
  10. They are my first Expensive glasses, and I mean a big jump from 5.00 to 124.00 with PCE. But I love them. They are worth every penny. And I love the case. The Color is so gorgeous:love: I am glad I bought them.... I am just so mad that this week, mother nature decides to rain on my parade. I have not been able to wear them....(other than the restroom:angel:)