please help!

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  1. Hi! Happy new year everybody! I'm just new here, would like to ask for your help. I'm getting a red classic caviar with SH or bijoux. please help me on what size should I get, Medium or large. thanks a lot.:smile:
  2. hi ~ i'm new to chanel too! ~ & still learning about all the sizes! ~ personally i'm a petite 5'4" & both my flaps are mediums ~ 'tho in saying that i have seen petite girls with the jumbo & they look good ~ if you can get to a store you can try them all on & see what you think ~ it's great fun! ~ :flowers:
  3. Thanks for the quick reply.. i'm just asking a friend from the US to get me one so will not have the chance to try it. Honestly, i'm not familiar with the sizes:sad: is the large different from the jumbo?:sad: thanks again.
  4. yes ~ i know that much ~ lol! ~ i know there is also a small, medium, & sometimes a "baby" ~ have you looked at Post pictures of your Flap, Classic Flap and Reissues! on the reference library? ~ page 19 details the sizing info. :flowers:~
  5. I think medium is more versatile, it can take you from day to glam night events. However, a lot of gals here like the jumbo and seems that it is a rare find. It would be bigger and so can accomodate more stuff. Really deps on your needs.:yes:
  6. thanks a lot for your help:smile: