Please Help!!!

  1. I found two bags on eBay with the same heat stamp/date code (moca neverfull mm). The one I am going to buy says SP 4017 than another one offered by a different seller says the same. Am I to say they are legit? I am paranoid-the bag was already authenticated, I just need some insurance.
  2. date codes can be the same. they are not unique to the bag at all.

    it is the date and place that they were made, and it would not be unlikely for two of the same bag to be made on the same day.
    hope i helped :smile:
    p.s. the moca neverfull is gorgeous! snatch it up soon!
  3. ok i thought I was insane, but now I feel better. I am going to pay.
  4. yeah--date codes can be the same. that date code you mentioned just means that it was made in the 41st week of 2007. i'm sure lv doesn't make just one bag per week in each location, so yeah many bags will have the same date code
  5. Make sure to post it in the authenticate section. There is another thread where someone just bought a fake MOCA agenda. So be careful.
  6. i already posted it and it was given the OK. I was just checking the date codes should I take this as insurance?
  7. Congratulations! the Moca Neverfulls are GORGEOUS! :tender: