Please Help!!

  1. Hi everyone i have a question. I'm selling my Macbook laptop on eBay and i had a person ask if i will ship to them but they live in Canada..The only thing is that i'm not sure how much it cost to ship to canada? Is it alot through usps or should i go through ups?
    I have another one why are there sellers on eBay that won't ship outside us? Is there a reason why and maybe i should tell the person i can't..Please Help!!
  2. I ship to Canada all the time. Make sure the buyer has a confirmed address. Also please declare the full sale amount on the customs form. If you send it USPS, you'll definitely need to use Express (EMS) because that's the only way you can get tracking. Global Priority doesn't provide tracking anymore. It would probably be at least $25 to ship due to the weight of the item.

  3. Thanks so it's ok to ship to canada? People make it seem like your going to go to jail LOL. Like it's a big deal i never understood..Yeah i think i will go through usps because fedex and ups want to charge like 100 + ..So if i go with express i can get tracking for the item right? Can i get insurance also?