please help! :)

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  1. i am new to chanel and i'm trying to learn as much as possible.

    i am in love with the pink fabric-y bag... i've seen a lot of celebs carrying it... i can't really describe it. i am attempting to attach a picture. i have no idea if its still around, i'd just love to see more pics of it and have any information.

    i did look on here for it, in the reference library, but somehow it remained elusive. :smile:

    any help would be wonderful!
    thank you.
  2. I'm not sure what season that's from, but the bag in the pic is a tweed classic flap. Very pretty!
  3. It's a really pretty tweed flap. I have no info on that either, sorry :sad:, but perhaps you can try to call the Chanel 800 number and ask if they can locate a pink tweed bag for you... it's worth a try... Good luck.
  4. ahh yes, I love the cute pastel tweeds too. I think they are very seasonal, and you also do see them pop up quite frequently on eBay, just be sure to get it authenticated in our section, and you will be fine :smile:

    Welcome to the Chanel forums too :smile:
  5. thanks everyone! i will call and if i find an eBay one, i DEFINITELY know who i am checking with. :tup:
  6. GL in searchin for one. I've found my beloved tweed bag on eBay not the pink version one but the one that Mischa has it.
  7. Yup, definitely tweed. I know that they had tweed flaps on sale during the Chanel sale Dec 5th-7th, so you will prob see them pop up on eBay from re-sellers.