Please Help!!!!!!!!!

  1. I called and ask a friend to buy me my Chanel from a store in Philly. she called the store she was told the small classic flap is $2450:wtf: I think the SA has made a mistake? what do y'all think?? how much is it for the small? med?
    and please help me out with the size, I think I want a small, is this size small? I'm only 5'3 and tiny, do you think the small will be better on my frame?
    thanks you all.


    This is black a med classic flap?
  2. more questions: how much is the price increase in state? is it 10% increase? and does the E/W bag comes in double chain?

  3. I believe the white bag is a E/W and today is the last day for 1395$ (caviar) and 1550$ (lamb).

    The black should be a M/L and again today is the last day for 1995$ (caviar) and 2150$ (lamb).

    As for your size, I think the M/L would be perfect!