Please Help!

  1. All right, so I know most people don't complain about this type of thing, but I've lost a lot of weight recently and nothing fits me anymore.

    I'd like to get this skirt from JCrew

    In a P0. How does JCrew's sizing usually work. I use to wear a 2, but that's huge on me now, and I'm swimming in a 0 from Ann Taylor. I have a few skirts from Benetton that are a size 38 and they're a drop big too. My question is, do you think I should get the P0 or the reg 0? Would the P be too small? Would the reg be too big? What do you recommend?

    Additionally, since nothing fits me anymore, I basically have to get a whole new fall wardrobe. Anyone know any sites or stores where I can score good deals?

    I need

    a pleated black skirt (short)
    a black pencil skirt
    5 sweaters
    5 cardigans
    3 dresses

    And flats

    Anyone know where to get good dresses? I know I'm much slighter than the models and the dresses will not fall the same way on me that they do on them. Where can I get good, small, fitted dresses?

    Thanks! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. JCrew tends to run quite a bit on the large side, definitely go with the P0.
  3. Thanks!