Please help.

  1. I am posting some pics of a bag I bought. Seller is adamat that it is real. I had somesone from the forum say differently. What is it about this bag that I can tell the seller that it definately is a fake.

    Picture 002.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 004.jpg Picture 005.jpg Picture 007.jpg Picture 008.jpg
  2. I dont want to sound bigheaded but my mum and I are pretty much experts on the chloe bags, and authentic and replica bags in general. Firstly looking at the pictures of your bag, they look very authentic to me, but i really would have to see the bag in person. Which is a shame.
    Did you buy it of ebay? if so do you have the link to it?
  3. Can you post a pic of the whole bag, maybe from the front, and also a good shot of the lock? Who is the seller?
  4. Verde, your link is not working. Can you post again?
  5. Hi - def fake

    Paddingtons do not have 'Chloe made in Italy' under stamped in the leather - it should just be 'Chloe'

    The price is way too cheap also...
  6. Hmm. Hard to tell. Could be a superfake. We need someone who has the tan to post about the stitching color. The tag inside the bag is different from the ones I have seen...mine don't match the bag leather, they are more of a vachetta-type, but Chloe is not consistent with tags. The price is a big red flag, though.
  7. More pictures - hope this helps.

    Thank you.
    Picture 014.jpg Picture 015.jpg
  8. is really hard to tell from the outside pics but in my opinion the inside pic of the Chloe stamp and also the price do suggest a fake...even used bags go for near retail
  9. Hi again,
    Looking at the pics of the auction, I am sorry to say it is a fake. The paddingtons do NOT have CHLOE made in italy like missbradshaw said.
  10. The stamp Made in Italy appears on bags on ebay that are listed at 1700 and up. How can they do this? Are people really paying that much money for fakes? Yikes!
  11. Sorry verde :sad:
  12. really?? can you give me an example of an auction verde?