1. I really need some advice here! A while back I bid on a brown Miu Miu Bow Satchel. In the listing, the seller also said that he had another one at home, in black, and if anyone was interested, to contact him. So I bid on the first bag and contacted him using "ask seller a question" about the black one. He replied and offered to sell the 2 of them for $1058. I was pretty excited and agreed. So he ended the auction early and I sent him the $1058 using my American Express credit card via Paypal. Well, I received both bags and they were HORRIFIC to say the least!! I mean, these weren't even "decent looking knock-offs"! So I e-mailed the seller and he swore they were authentic. So I filed an "Item not as Described" claim through Paypal. The seller actually e-mailed me, agreeing to refund my money but then, believe it or not, PAYPAL SAID THAT THEY COULDN"T DO ANYTHING SINCE I HAD "RECEIVED THE ITEMS"!!! And Paypal CLOSED THE CASE!!! I still don't understand what the point is of having a claim with the heading "Item not as described" if they won't do anything about it! I never heard from the seller again. So now I contacted American Express and they are looking into a chargeback for me.
    Here is my question: If my cc doesn't come through.....can I list these horrible bags on eBay and let everyone know who I purchased them from? In other words, use his eBay seller name, show the horrible defects in the bags, etc? Of course I could put some ridiculous reserve price so that no one actually will win them. I'm thinking that since my purchases were, technically, not through eBay, maybe I can just be honest and warn other buyers from this creep? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Oh my! First of all, I'm so sorry! Secondly, I don't understand why paypal would close the case. "Items Not Described" is certainly a valid reason to file a claim, and I know that things can be resolved this way.
    I thought about how strange it was that they closed the case and then thought - hey, I think you should CALL paypal. I've done that. When I don't have the patience! :smile: Do you have their number? They're very helpful, believe it or not! You having received the items is the reason they're not "as described" so I'm almost positive that there was a misunderstanding on their part. Let us know how this turns out!
  3. I certainly will keep you posted. By the way, what do you think about my idea of posting these awful bags on ebay letting everyone know from whom I had purchased them? Since I didn't use ebay to complete the transaction, do you think that I would be violating any rules by using his ebay id?

  4. mmmm...personally, I wouldn't do it. Only because if you sell a lot of stuff on eBay, then once this is established, buyers will question the authenticity of your REAL items that you're selling, you know?
    No no - try to work out with Paypal first (IMO) and try to get back that large chunk of change. Selling fakes, you're going to get $1 on the $20 and it'll be a crying shame - to throw good money away, and soil your reputation on eBay selling fake goods. Don't let his grossness drag you down!!!
  5. leave him a neg telling people he told you a fake
    as for paypal call them and ask for a supervisor or a manager...tell whoever picks up you want your call ESCALATED tell them everything that happened and that you want the dispute reopened...plz keep us updated
  6. Dont post the bags on ebay. I have filed a chargeback with my Amex CC and they really were great in helping me, the only this is that you have to send the bags back, with confirmation and insurance. Most places like Paypal and the CC wont honor your refund if you have the bags still. You cant have both the merchandise and the refunded funds. So ask the seller for his address and then try calling paypal and see if you can open the claim again. After youve shipped it, automatically escalate the dispute to the claim and enter the tracking number for the returned shipment to the seller. When the item has arrived, paypal or the credt card will see that youve returned it and youre out of money AND merchandise and will refund you.
  7. Okay, so I will return the items today. The only reason that I didn't return them sooner was because I couldn't make out his address on the package and he refused to send me his address after numerous attempts to get it from him/her. But FedEx just sent me the I will return them. By the way, I couldn't leave him any negative feedback because the actual transaction from ebay was ended early and handled outside of the ebay forum (I'll never do that again!). Thank you for all of your help. Is anyone interested in this persons name? Can I post it here?
  8. Yeah, since the deal took place off of Ebay you can only file Not as received claim. Anything you pay thru Paypal you can only claim as item not received. Only if you buy an item through Ebay and pay via Paypal can you claim item not as described or not received. HTH.
  9. Yeah. Post his user id. So somebody else won't get scammed.:yes:
  10. His user ID on ebay is nieveyamm and he normally sells Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabanna, Chloe. Right now he/she only has a Roberto Cavalli necklace for auction......but just watch out.......I'm sure he will be posting more bags for auction!!
  11. That is so terrible. I guess the lesson is not to buy off eBay. I was scammed for alot of money too about a year ago and could do nothing. Now I am ever so careful about how and whom I buy from. I rarely buy anymore and even am cautious about selling.

    eBay used to be great.

  12. I have had mostly great ebay experiences but I now only bid on items from the US.

    I had one VERY BAD bag from Hong Kong once; the buyer swore it was leather (HA!) but agreed to take it back. I lost about $35 in shipping fees, not including packing it and standing in line at the p.o. I learned my lesson.
  13. I would also report him to ebay for ending the auction early and selling to you privately- they take a dim view of this because they don't make their fees on the transaction. Make life difficult for him, like he has for you.
  14. you can appeal
    do phone paypal its terrible they have done that
    and try to get someone to confirm in writing they are fake
  15. i'm sorry that this things happen to you, call paypal and tell them that it is a horrible knocked off and then you should return thetiem do it w/ a signiture required at least you know that he receive it.

    hope that you 'll get your money, don't let this BASt#$#%$^ scam you.