Please help!

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  1. Today, I noticed my cat's left ear to be looking in a weird way, I just figured it was from how she was sitting. Just now, I noticed her ear was swollen!!! And there seems to be scars/scratches in it!!! I have no idea what is wrong. She is a strictly indoors cat, never been outside in her life, and she is around no other animals. What can this be? I am so worried about her!:sad:
  2. she may have done it herself by scratching. might be earmites. take her to the vet...
  3. If you are worried, take her to the vet~! They are the best ones who can tell you what you can do for your cat.
  4. I agree I would take her to the vet.
    Let us know what happens hope she gets better quickly.
  5. Thanks! I am making an appointment with her vet first thing in the morning. The bad thing is that the earliest I can get her in is Friday afternoon because of my schedule. :sad:
  6. ^ I am sure your kitty will be OK.

    Sounds like she got an itch in her ear and decided to take care of it herself!

    Lucky for her she has such an attentive, doting Mom :smile:
  7. I'm sure she'll be okay till then. just keep her wound clean and give her lots of love!
  8. I agree with everyone else about going to the vet. Since she's an indoor cat and hasn't been exposed to anything strange outside, her ear might have rubbed up against something or accidentally scratched herself too harshly. Maybe your vet will prescribe some anitibiotics and a topical treatment.

    Best wishes for a full, fast recovery with your kitty.
  9. UPDATE:
    Came back from the vet about an hour ago. It turns out she had ear hematoma and an ear infection. I am still not sure how she got either of these, but she had to get surgery to get it removed. We just gave her a bath and got her dry.
    I have so many questions that I don't know what to do and our vet closed at 9pm, and there is not an emergency number to call.
    If someone has any idea on what the answers are, please, please let me know. Please.
    1. I was given three different meds:
    EpiOtic ear cleanser
    Tresaderm Ear drops
    Amoxil oral med
    I have no idea when to start her on these meds? Am I supposed to start her on them tonight or tomorrow?
    2. Amoxil says it's a pediactric med, not pets. Is this still safe to give her? Our vet is a licensed vet, so I am sure he knows but I am still hesisant in giving it since it's human med.
    3. Is there any painkiller meds out of those three? Is she going to have pain? what do I do?
    4. She has to wear a cone for 10 days. First time ever to wear a cone. When we came to pick her up, she was freaking out with that thing on, she was wet from sweat. they had to sedate her to get her in that cage. She got the cone off herself. What am I supposed to do since she is losing her mind with that cone(it's off right now, but I am watching her super close so that she doesn't touch that ear.
    This is the first big unexpected surgery for her(besides her being spayed) so I am clueless on this and I want her to be happy.
    Thanks for the help. :smile:
  10. ^I don't know alot about cats personally since I don't have one...Amoxi should be OK...I believe thats what they gave my Chi after she had her teeth cleaned to prevent infections...

    None of those are pain meds. I know that dogs can have Rimadyl for pain, but I am not sure what cats can get.

    The Amoxi (I believe) will prevent infection; Epiotic and Tresaderm keep the actual ear area clean.

    She will probably feel alittle bit of discomfort for the next few days. I would def. call your vet tomorrow and ask what you can do to minimize the pain. I am a bit puzzled why on earth your vet/vet tech would not have gone over everything in detail with you--all of those different products are so confusing!

    If I were you, I would Google your questions and see what comes up. When Bentley had his little tumor on his foot, I did that and it was really helpful.

    Good luck :smile:
  11. Thanks couturegrl! My vet will definitely be getting a phone call tomorrow and will be bombarded with questions. I have no idea why he didn't tell me what I am supposed to do with these medicines?
    I am glad that everything worked out with Bentley!

    Do you know anything about this cone that she is supposed to wear? I can't keep it on her, not even get it on her.
  12. The biggest question I have right now is when am I supposed to start her on these meds? Tonite or tomorrow morning?
    I have been googling this, and I can't find anything. :sad:
  13. First, I am NOT a veterinarian, so you should take my suggestions with that understanding. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician, but again, I am not a Veterinarian. If you have any medical concerns, you should really seek help from your veterinarian and not this forum, even though there are lots of knowledgable ladies here. But I totally understand how helpful we are ;)... So having said that, sounds like all the medications you received are appropriate and should start them tonight.

    - Amoxicillin is an antibiotic. Since your kitty has an ear infection already, it is to help kill the bacteria that is infecting. We use human drugs all the time in veterinary medicine, so if your veterinarian gave it to you, it should be fine. Just follow the direction the veterinarian gave you. It is usually a twice daily meds, so one in the morning, one in the evening, usually 12 hours apart.

    - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GIVE ANY PAIN MEDS unless directed by your veterinarian. Rimadyl is NOT safe for cats. Cats cannot metabolize lots of NSAIDs and if given, must be monitored VERY CLOSELY. If you want feel your cat is in pain, then ask your veterinarian if he/she can prescribe your cat something.

    - EpiOtic is an ear cleaner, and it contains combinations of antibacterial, cermene (breaks down wax), and Dryung agnets. You have to clean infected ears to remove debris so the medication will work effectively.

    - Tresaderm is an ear medication that contains antibiotic, antifungal and yeast, and anti-inflammatory. It is used commonly and safely on cats. When this is used effectively, it should help 'calm' the ears.

    If you were not taught how to clean and give ear medications, I strongly recommend you go back and get demonstration. You don't want to over do it and damage the ear drums. DO NOT USE ANY COTTON SWABS.

    - E-collars are to prevent from further scratching and damage to your cat's ear. Ear hematoma means you have a blood filled tumor. Not tumor in the sense that it is cancerous. So the surgery was to drain the blood and tack the space down to prevent further fluid in the 'pocket'. Hematomas are often caused by trauma, which your cat probably got the ear infection first and she was scratching the ears because they were so itchy and that trauma of scratching excessivly caused the hematoma. If the plastic cone is not working, there are soft collars. It would be okay for her not to wear them if you can monitor her... Try your best and see and ask your veterinarian what to do if you are unsuccessful.

    Too overwhelming??? I know how frustrating it is when you don't get a full explanations at the hospital. Plus, it kinda hits you when you go home with your kitty. If I can help further, let me know. Even though I am not a veterinarian, I will share as much information as I can from experience:tup:.

    So in summary, (1) Clean her affected ears with EpiOtic; (2) Apply Tresaderm in the affected ears as directed; (3) Give her Amoxicillin tonight. Unless they already cleaned her ears and medicated... Check your directions on the bottles... What do they say?
  14. Thank you sooooo much, tiramisu! You have given me hope. I appreciate your help with this. Being almost midnight and no emergency number to reach my vet, you and everyone on here is my best help, thanks soo much!
    On the bottles, it says:
    Tresaderm: apple to each ear twice a day
    Amoxil: give 0.9cc orally twice a day
    EpiOtic: clean out both ears twice a day
    I have no idea whether or not they cleaned and medicated her ears already, should I give the amoxil tonight, or with doubt, would that not be a good idea? Can cats get overdosed?

    For the collar, I found a pic on the internet of a cat with a homemade cardboard collar, I cut one out of cardboard, and she seems to be tolerating it well at the moment. I am going to research those soft collars and see if that will help her more.

    I will call the vet first thing in the morning and ask them all of this. I have had ear cleaning solution for her to keep the wax clean, but I have always been hesistant to use it, as I am not sure whether or not I would be putting too much in or if it is supposed to go all the way down her ear, and if I should just leave it in there or get it out somehow. I am at a total lost.
    Thanks for your help!:smile:
  15. I just found the soft e-collar on the internet, and I am going to get her one tomorrow. They look like pillows, so when she gets tired she has her pillow. hehe. It looks a lot more comfortable and less stressful for her, too. I wish the vet would have given that to me in the first place.