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  1. How do I repair a scuff on my bag?:sad2: I just bought an MJ purse on eBay and there is a small scuff on the handle. Do any of you know if shoe polish can hide it? The bag is green and I am so sad because there is just this white scuff on the handle when the bag is green.

    Or what can a shoe repair store do?

    I posted a pic of PF members but mine is actually an apple green.

    I was so excited to get the bag b/c I couldn't find it anywhere except for 1 on eBay :cry:
    MJ satchel.JPG
  2. Just bumping you before the thread disappears into page 2.

    Wish I could help, but I dont have any particular experience with that. I heard someone on here used lotion on their LV for scratch marks. . .? I'm not sure, maybe you could try that?

    Good luck, cute bag!
  3. Thanks that was sweet of you! I was looking for my own thread too
  4. Another bump for Munchkyn!

    PS Any update on your gorgeous Tano?
  5. Take it to a reputable place that does leatherwork, like a good cobbler. He might be able to smooth over the area so it's less noticeable.
  6. I second the shoe guy recommendation. I didn't have a scuff, I litterally sliced a piece of leather off of a bag, on accident and I took it to this shoe/leather guy whom I had heard rave reviews for. It cost me $4 and whatever he did, its perfect! No one else can notice and half the time they don't notice even if I point out where it happened.

    Good luck!!
  7. Blue: Let us know who this miracle worker is. I assume he is in the Chicago area? I have a friend who could use his services. Thanks!
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