Please help

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  1. This is for my mum, whats happening is when she tries to log in eBay...a lock comes on the address bar with the address and it wont let her log in at all it says "Your sign in information is not valid. Please try again." When I click on the lock on the address bar it says "your communication with the server is encrypted"

    We seriously dont know what to do...Please help, Thanks :flowers:
  2. please anyone ?...:smile:
  3. It ever happened me and afer I check my email address, eBay asked me to change my password and email's password by unauthorized user accesed my acc & tried to change my email address & eBay password. Try to ask eBay first :smile:
  4. thanks :smile: has anyone got the link to Live Chat help ?. Thanks
  5. I don't know the link, but maybe the US site can point you in the right direction. The live help link is on the home page of, near the upper right corner. Hope that helps!
  6. thanks :smile:
  7. I think that they took the link off
  8. I know , it used to be everywhere. I wonder if they still have live help ?. :smile:
  9. How if you try to email them? So bad they've no live help!
  10. Socialite, can you do a screendump (by pressing the printscreen button, and saving it as a picture) of the window so we can see the error message you are getting.

    When you log into a secured site, such as your ebay page (not just any ebay page) or into your online bank account, you will see the lock. It's a good thing! Although it's usually at the bottom right corner of the window though. (Not in the address bar, that could mean something else.) The lock means that when your password (and any other information you provided) gets sent to the server for verification, it is encrypted (jumbled) and not plain text. If it was plain text, then any hacker "sniffing" the data you send will be able to see your password.

    This is OT, but worth knowing. When you log in to a site you believe to be secure. The actual login screen needs to start with "https" not "http"!

    OK. Enough nerdy talk. :smile:
  11. Hi thanks for all your help, here are some screen prints.

    you can see in the address bar a lock...but I cant log in at all and I get this message

    here is the message I get when I press on the lock
  12. Are you sure someone didn't steal your PW and EBay closed your account? Please call them. They will walk you through everything.

    In the US the live help button is on the first page (homepage) only.
  13. I would give them the link to your screen shot too.
  14. I cant use Ebay US because Im in the UK :sad: