Please Help!

  1. I dropped off my car for service the other day and the guy removed my car key from my damier 6-key holder. I didn't pay much attention when he did this, then he handed me back the holder. When I picked up my car today, he handed me my car key which was placed on a key ring with numbered paper tags.

    I just got back to work and attempted to put my key back on the holder when I realized that ONE OF THE BRASS LOOP THINGY FROM MY HOLDER WAS ATTACHED TO IT!:wtf: He must have just yanked it out or something, I don't know!

    I've tried to put it back but couldn't... Is there a way? Please help..:crybaby:
  2. Yikes! That's horrible!!!! :wtf:

    Try contacting your local boutique to see what can be done. ;)
  3. omg. go back there and complain!!!!
  4. Oh NO! I would go back and say something!:cursing:
  5. I would be so mad!:mad: :rant: I'd definitely have something to say to the people who serviced the car! I was thinking of getting the vernis pomme 4 key holder, but I'm hesitant now. I vallet my car alot, and wouldn't want to turn over my pomme to the guys that park the cars. I'd feel like they'd ruin it. So then I'd have to remove my car key each time! What a pain in the a** !
  6. I believe it can be put back in, just go to your boutique and have them look at it. It does look like it should snap back into the top but I'd have the store look at it just in case.
    Ugh and at least now you know to take your key off of there before you hand the keys over. :sad:
  7. Sorry to hear about this.
  8. Yes the boutique should be able to repair it, sorry this happened to you!
  9. I can't believe people can be so inconsiderate of other people's things! I would definetly speak to a manager there. I realize that this guy might not know this was an expensive key holder, but that is not the point because they should be careful with all their customer's belongings.
  10. Okay everyone, I feel really silly now. I remembered that my boss had a really old one and ranted to him about it. The older ones had a latch on the side where you can push and lift to remove the hooks. This one is a little different and quite difficult, but we were able to figure it out. There are two "levers" on each side which we pushed down, then the middle part where the hooks are attached to slides out:shame: .
  11. Oh, good to know that it's fixed now! I'd totally panic too and probably would have yelled at the guy before I realized that it was fixable
  12. sorry to hear this...go to your local boutique and see what they can do to fix it :yes:
  13. ITA me too!
  14. OMG! I would be SO PO'D!!! Call and complain and take it to the boutique to see if it can be fixed!!!
  15. UGH!!! so annoying. try calling the boutique and hopefully they can help you out :flowers: