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  1. i bought this Chanel boy on Ebay but the logo looks misaligned to me. Please advice. Thank you.

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  2. You might want to have the bag professionally authenticated. I dont usually trust bags purchased over ebay. I do see that the cc logo is not aligned.
  3. Looks like it’s supposed to look, i don’t see it
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  4. If you’re concerned, I would get paid authentication, perhaps via Etinceler (no financial disclosures).
  5. A tell-tale sign of a replica boy bag is that the piping cuts in a bit before the logo... yours looks a bit this way so I'd definitely want to have it authenticated.
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  6. I had no idea this was something to look for! Do you mean where the four points where the larger CC's interlock? I do see a 'pipe' just before the one C touches the other C.
  7. Are you asking for authenticity or opinions on if logo looks misaligned?

    We don't allow individual authenticity opinions and only approved members can comment on authenticity.
  8. Good luck OP.