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  1. Hello

    I am looking at the Coach 10205 & 8B15 on eBay right now and they look EXACTLY the same to me! I have quite a few Coach bags and consider myself pretty knowledgeable in the Coach world, but I cannot figure out a difference between these 2 bags for the life of me! :cursing: Can anyone please help??
  2. can you post some links?
  3. Here's 8B15:
    The other didn't come up on the DD.
  4. i actually called the Coach store and asked them if they could tell me the difference between the bags & the agent advised that 8B15 was the only style number they had on file! 10205 was not even in their system AT ALL even for discontinued bags! If you look at this link:

    eBay: NWT COACH LEATHER PLEATED HOBO HANDBAG PURSE $398 10205 (item 280085854356 end time Mar-03-07 18:10:14 PST)

    It shows 10205 on the creed, if you look at this one:

    eBay: COACH LEATHER PLEATED HOBO WHITE SUMMER LARGE TOTE 8B15 (item 130082732209 end time Mar-03-07 16:10:56 PST)

    it shows 8b15... i don't understand...

  5. 10205 is a factory store number. See the little F before the number. those bags dont show up on the drilldown. There's your answer! :smile: :smile:
  6. Hi, I believe that the 10205 was made specifically for the Outlets. However, it is the identical purse as the 8B15. ( I own both , I don't see or feel any difference at all ! ) That white has the F before the style # which means Factory. They also use FO before the style number.
    Great Bags !!
  7. Court beat me to it !!
  8. You guys are awesome! thanks SO much!!