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  1. Hi everyone! I got a YSL Kate tassel bag as a Christmas gift from my wife. I fell inlove with it but there are some things i noticed i didn't like..
    - the other side of the bag has an evident crease already while the other side is completely fresh and looks like its not squeezed
    - the chain's lock is hard to open for it to be attached or detached from the bag

    Well i have a question. Does the chain's locks really have blacks on them and hard to like open? I'm sorry if im kinda overreacting but i find that the money my wife spent on it is not worth it if i get a damaged/returned item. Thank you in advance
    0F79EB8F-0CFA-40DA-AF48-F3B2B46E7E85.jpeg 9AD32505-2F4F-4E2A-9118-354542043BBD.jpeg 746052CC-C151-46AC-9052-7AC0412F47EB.jpeg
  2. Where did she get it from? I think you can always exchange if she bought it from the boutique or dept store.