Please help! Your opinions needed: red caviar jumbo OR ...

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  1. I struck out and got a 09 cruise red caviar jumbo with GHW from Nordstroms (Yippee!!!). A red flap has forever been on my wishlist. I originally planned on buying a lambskin flap with GHW on eBay, and have been constantly searching for a pristine (or at least excellent condition) red flap. The release of the 09 cruise stalled my search, but since I didn't get on any waitlist, I didn't think I'd be getting my hands on one... that is until yesterday.

    I took my new baby home and although I think it is beautiful, after mulling my choices, I am now back on the fence. I'm not sure whether to keep the 09 caviar or to return it and resume my eBay search for the "perfect" red flap.

    Here are the pros and cons to my new flap as I see it:

    Caviar is more durable than lambskin
    It's brand spanking new (just how I prefer my handbags to be!)
    I love how classy the brushed GHW looks
    It's hard to find and I'm lucky to have gotten one, especially with GHW

    $2650 + tax (my wallet is still complaining)
    It's not as red as some of the older red flaps I've seen on eBay
    The brushed GHW doesn't "pop out" as much as the older flaps do

    If I return the red flap, I will most probably exchange it for a navy GST with SHW, unless I find the red replacement on eBay by that time.

    Please, ladies and gents, can you steer me to the right direction?

    Oh and can anyone confirm if they're coming out with the red lambskin version with GHW that is not the maxi?

    Here are photos of my new red flap (tada!), and my "other" choices (I hope the_lvlady and disturbed girl don't mind me borrowing their pics - thank you!)...

    with flash

    without flash

    red lambskin...

    Navy GST

    Thanks again!:flowers:
  2. I would go for the red. This bag is just amazing and more stylish
  3. I would say , keep your caviar!! :biggrin:
  4. I think you should keep the red caviar jumbo, it's my absolute favorite bag right now.
  5. I vote for the red caviar!
  6. I also vote for the red caviar!
  7. First of all, CONGRATS on your gorgeous bag! I think you should keep the red jumbo unless you absolutely need a tote-sized bag for everyday. That navy blue caviar GST is exquisite too (and another bag on my long want-list), but taking rarity into consideration I think it's probably best to get the red first.

    SO Nordstrom did indeed receive the Red Jumbos with GOLD h/w?!, after all the hype & speculation & misinformation given out by their SA's, I'm pleasantly surprised that they finally got those in. I was on the wait list (prepaid with credit card) but never even got a recent call or confirmation about the order.
  8. I'm the lone wolf. I would continue the ebay search -- only if this new one isn't the color you were hoping for, or you don't like something else about it. Under no circumstance would I buy the GST as a trade off, because first and foremost you wanted a red flap with gold hardware. (Unless I misread your pose.) Why substitute one style for something totally different? If it's red you want, then stick to the plan. The mere fact you're questioning the purchase leads me to think maybe it's not quite up to your expectations, and trading it for the GST just because ? doesn't compute in my brain.
  9. definitely keep the red caviar!

    I've also heard from my SA the same bag will be available in lambskin soon...i've waitlisted for it already!
  10. Thank you so much ladies for your opinions. I really have a hard time making up my mind (it's my fickle nature!) and so I really appreciate all your inputs. So far, I'm leaning towards keeping my new caviar, especially since there aren't any excellent condition red lambskin on ebay right now.

    foxycleopatra... I was surprised to get the call since I wasn't even on the list. My SA at Nordies said that they always get their bags later than the other department stores. They got 12 of these babies in, while there were 20 people listed for it, I don't think all of them went through (maybe that's why I got the call). Maybe because their reds got in late(r) in the game, others have bought their reds somewhere else? It's worth a call to your SA, though. *But it's defintely GOLD hw. I know the exterior HW doesn't show the gold so much in the pics ( and even I thought it had SHW when I first saw it IRL), but the Chanel stamping and the zipper pull inside are clearly gold.

    jmen... thanks so much! I am continuing my search on eBay while I'm dilly dallying. I guess the red just comes out 'fuller' in lambskin, and I have a feeling in the end, it'll be more like a lambskin v caviar issue to me. I was told by Nordies there is no deadline for returns as long as the tag is intact(?), but I don't plan on keeping the bag longer than a month if I decide to return it (not fair to others looking for it). Oh, and I'm sorry I wasn't clear about the Navy GST (which is somewhere on my wish list). I meant that bag to be the store replacement if I return the red caviar, not the 'red' replacement. I'm all about instant gratification and I don't want to come home emptyhanded if my red goes back. hee hee.

    bagaddicttttt... really!? Wow, I'm going to go nuts. Do you know what size and which HW? And more importantly, will it be the same red? Oh goodness... not another option!
  11. Keep the 09 Jumbo.
    I am always surprised to hear when members are on the fence with this shade of red. I personally think it is the richest, most saturated red Chanel has ever done. I think it is the best red of far.
  12. I vote to keep the red! It is a rare find at that price although it hurts now. If you do ever find the perfect ebay bag then you can always sell her. I wouldn't give up my red caviar jumbo for the world!

  13. I agree - if you do not love this bag do not keep it. You will be sorry later. I too am searching for the perfect red and have passed on this bag. It is a beautiful bag - just not the color of red I was hoping for. Hold out for the bag you really want and will love.
  14. #14 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    If you can afford two reds I would keep the red caviar AND pick up an older red when you find one which you will. If you can't afford two reds, I'd return the Jumbo Caviar and just keep looking. I would not get the navy GST since it's not what your heart really wants and we all know substitutes never really work - just leaves you stuck with a bag you didn't really want in the first place which you'll probably end up selling. The hardware on the red caviar jumbo is much lighter gold than the gold hardware of older lambskins and you are right that it doesn't pop as much. In fact, in the pictures it looks like silver. So if what you really admire is the look of the older lambskins with the darker gold hardware I would keep looking for an older lambskin even if it takes a while.

  15. I almost gave up on that bag and then got message today mine came in also. It is on it's way to me with GHW but I am kind of over it, so I will see when it gets here. I get excited in the beginning but the wait dulls the excitement for me. I do think the GHW on this bag is classy because it is more muted then some of the older hardware.