Please Help!!!! Wrongful buyer chargeback

  1. Please help! I recently sold an authentic Chanel east/west on eBay. It was originally purchased from Nordstrom in Seattle. A buyer won the bag, paid $999 and received it in immaculate condition with the original box, dustbag, all tags and the original receipt. She left me good feedback and I did the same.

    Now, a couple of weeks later she sends in a Paypal dispute and request a chargeback on her card. She claims that it is fake! Now there is a -$999 in my Paypal account. What can I do? The bag is authentic but she claims it is fake!

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
  2. oh dear, i'm sorry this happen to you! do you still have receipt w/you? how did the buyer came to conclusion as it being fake? It sounds like she just needed for the holidays.....I'd definitely give her your NM SA's info, and ask buyer to call her to verify the purchase.
  3. Isn't the burden on her to prove it's a fake? Have you contacted Paypal about this yet?
  4. I thought you had 10 days to respond to her dispute. I'm not sure why they did the chargeback right away.
  5. ^^^
    That 10 day rule is complete BS. They'll do whatever they want, when they want.

    Pretty much the same thing happened to me, except in MP here on PF. I was never able to present proof contrary to what the buyer claimed.

    Paypal can never win against the credit card company. What happens is that the buyer complains to, say, American Express, and American Express literally just takes the money from Paypal. That's it. So Paypal now wants to take the money from you.

    If you never plan on using Paypal again (which I highly recommend), just leave the account in negatives. It will not affect your credit, although (as I know from experience), they will send creditors after you. Send them a stern letter stating that it is absolutely against the law for them to ding your credit.
  6. Did you take pictures of the bag before packing it and sending it to her? Call up Paypal and show them the pictures and hopefully a copy of the receipt that you still have.
  7. I'm so sorry this happened to you..I remember seeing your was very pretty and authentic..... I agree with the poster above she probably wanted to use it for the holidays or maybe tried to resell and couldn't get what she thought she could sell it for. I had someone 3 or 4 months ago buy a LV bracelet from me..left positive feedback etc..same as your situation..then 2 months after the sale contact me to let me know she now thought it was fake and was having it authenticated. and may file a chargeback.. I saw she was reselling it on eBay and I guess not getting what she wanted for it..needless to say it was deemed authentic and I never heard another word from her. :nuts:..Hopefully someone with experience in this situation can give you advice..
  8. Gah, another paypal nightmare. So sorry to hear this happened to you. I don't think I'll be taking paypal payments anymore. I've heard too many horrible stories about paypal chargebacks. I agree with IntlSet. :yes: If you can get by without paypal, leave it in the negatives. Paypal always seems to side with the buyers. What happens if she "claims" it's fake to paypal, we all know that's false, then tries to send a fake bag back to you while keeping the authentic one. She's already a crook, claiming the bag is fake, and she'll probably tell paypal that she sent the bag back and wants a refund. You'll get a fake, she'll keep the real one and get her money back! It's such a sticky and unfortunate situation. If at all possible, leave paypal in the negatives. You don't want to be out 999.00 AND your authentic bag.
  9. I'm so sorry it happened to you!! I so wanted to bid on it but it was too late!! And to think about it, your beautiful EW could've gone to ME!!! :crybaby:
  10. I actually thought Paypal was the safest way to go?

    Would a security tag that's put onto the item help with these kinda problems? I'm currently selling my first bag on eBay, and when I hear these scares me!
  11. When I talked to PayPal about an issue I was having with a seller, they told me that a neg balance goes to collections...they don't just "leave it" (so they say....sorry :sad: )
  12. sorry to hear about this. Some ppl just have some nerves.
  13. The chargeback and a dispute/claim in PP are two different monsters. You have 10 days to respond to a claim or dispute, but a chargeback can be filed anytime (even if there is not an existing dispute) and you can then respond.

    Hope this works out for you!
  14. Ugh! So many trolls on eBay... If this one is not a scammer then there is no reason for her to claim the bag is fake. I think the problem is that everyone knows that eBay is full of fakes. So whenever someone buys a bag on eBay and then tells someone they bought it on eBay, they get that "oh that's a fake" look. So now the buyer is doubting her purchase and wants her money back.

    I would see if I could reason with her and offer to get the bag authenticated here or maybe even by Carol Diva. That should clear up any doubts. HTH, good luck!
  15. yea, if you put a security tag on it and only accept returns with that tag on it to ensure you are getting hte same bag back, taht may help. or, alternatively, it may not.