please help with ysl muse to authenticate

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  1. hi i am thinking about bidding on this bag from eBay. this one looks legit to me but i am not really sure. here are some pics please help.




    yeve key.jpg

  2. Hi!

    I saw those pics yesterday and I am not sure about this bag...what I worry about are the keys. My muse has only one key and it is engraved with the YSL logo. It looks very different from those keys. I know some muses have more than one key, but are they significantly different? :shrugs:

    The pictures are so grainy...I am not even sure about the color. It looks like some metallic color. I hope others will compare their keys to the one you posted. I am also not sure about the ID it a medium muse?
  3. the bag is a large muse im sorry about the pics that's the best i could do thank you
  4. I just bought the muse yesterday and I agree with gr8heart about the keys. Mine only came with one key and it is stamped with the ysl logo and looks very different than those keys.
  5. Depending upon the year, there may be this type of key or a single more old-fashioned looking key, each with different openings in the lock. I have had both. I'm not sure what this color is supposed to be. There was a greenish-toned metallic bronze one made a few years ago, but this doesn't look like that, at least from the photos. I don't know. You might have to rely upon the reputation of the seller to give you some better idea. If the seller's reputation is ambiguous, you might want to either err on the side of caution.
  6. Shouldn't this go in the auth thread?
  7. thank you all that was a big help!:tup:
  8. Please only post authenticity questions about YSL in the Authenticate This! sticky provided.
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